I Joined the ‘Mild High Club’

Brighid got the chance to see Mild High Club, a personal favorite since middle school, on their new tour. We want to thank the Aggie Theater for letting us come review the show! (Featured Image from Do303)

Brighid Bandel, Music Director

The Aggie Theater has to be one of my favorite venues – I have a lot of fond memories walking from campus to a Boy Pablo concert for the first time. Thankfully I have a car now that I’m not a Freshmen, so those walks have turned into fun drives with the windows down – if the weather is good – getting way too excited for the show. That was the energy on our way to Mild High Club.

Photo Credits: Do303

Mild High Club has always been that band for me. That soundtrack for my middle school & high school years that carried me through the late night drives & walks through the sea of people in the hallway. So, as you could imagine, when I heard they were coming 3 years after they were everything to me – I had to go.

The night started off calm with the cool September night weather making standing in line much easier. The line moved quickly with the regular things, ID & bag check, ticket check, those X’s that I’m so close to never getting again, and finally scouting out where we would post up.

Thankfully we got there a little bit before the opening act started – Shy Boy & People in General – which I have seen both before. They delivered a great performance, with them surprisingly getting the crowd moving and more excited for the headliner.

Finally, the lights dim and the band enters to “Dionysian State,” with bright lights that really go withe their vibe. I don’t know how to describe it, but the colors they chose to flash during their show was the exact way I see the songs. It was a hypnotizing relaxing show, but the crowd and band stayed energetic through the waves of music.

Of course, in the middle of the show, when their big hit “Homage” came on, the crowd cheered louder than the whole show, with every single person in the building moving – even the security guards.

The closed out the show with “You & Me,” with the crowd getting even more excited than “Homage,” and the whole show combined. I felt that the crowd did not want to leave, including me, because that would mean the era of Mild High Club being my soundtrack would be over. This night felt like the last chapter of that time in. my life, but whenever I hear “You & Me” come up on shuffle, I get a big smile and feel that warm September night’s weather on my face.