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About Us

The mission of KCSU is to train students to collaboratively operate a radio station that delivers and creates content that informs and inspires our listeners.


KCSU programming is proudly curated and produced exclusively by Colorado State University students since 1964. Our leadership team is made up of 19 part-time student staff who manage everything from promotions, to video production, to audio engineering. The voices you hear on KCSU are CSU-student DJs who pass our 4-week training program in order to host their weekly 2-hour shows. Check out our contact page to reach our staff, who can also connect you to DJs.

KCSU broadcasts underrepresented music, news, and sports coverage that you can’t find anywhere else on the radio. KCSU adds a new album to our music rotation nearly every day to our ever-growing library of more than 30,000 songs. During the summer months, early May to late August, KCSU welcomes community DJs and free form programming.

KCSU is part of our parent company, Rocky Mountain Student Media, a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit student media company. 

  • This publication is not an official publication of Colorado State University, but is published by an independent corporation using the name “KCSU” pursuant to a license granted by CSU. Approximately 59% of Rocky Mountain Student Media Corp’s income is provided by the Associated Students of Colorado State University (ASCSU) for the purpose of fostering student careers post-college and greater campus awareness and engagement.


At 10,000 watts, KCSU is one of the largest college radio stations in the country. We potentially reach more than 350,000 people with our terrestrial broadcast and and at least 5,500 listeners tune in to KCSU every week.

We play everything! Our focus is on music, sports and news. About 85% of our programming is new music with a strong emphasis on local musicians. The remaining 15% of our programming covers local and international news and sports. We also play podcasts made in-house!

Our goal at KCSU is to provide our listeners with variety. Our DJs play an eclectic mix of everything from pop to local Northern Colorado music. From 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, our DJs play this new music rotation of alternative, genre-spanning music. After 3 p.m., until 7 a.m., our DJs host specialty programming, which can focus on a musical style, news, talk and sports. KCSU’s DJ schedule offers more specifics.

We produce a variety of non-music programs including a broad range of podcasts, videos and articles. Our staple programming includes the "Rocky Mountain Review," Music and Sports podcasts and Live In-Studios, all of which  can be found on our website and are played during the Podcast Corner program.


KCSU Sports provides a range of different shows, podcasts, and articles to keep our listeners informed on all local and national sports news. We have live sports broadcasts, most notably covering the CSU volleyball team in the fall semester, in addition to the Mountain West Championship, CSU basketball, softball, club baseball and club hockey.

This is only the beginning. If you want to cover a sport (including clubs), we can help you find a home covering whatever your interest is. Want to sit around talking about and listening to sports? This is the department for you! Reach out to for more information on how you can get involved.


Our news program, "The Rocky Mountain Review," covers all things news, including CSU, local and national news on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 to 4:30 p.m., followed by an episode of the Podcast Corner.

Are you looking to build up your reporter portfolio? Want something professionally released on the radio and published online? You can learn to improve your writing, public speaking, and podcast creation skills with the KCSU News Department. We are always looking to recruit reporters and have a Freelance Program dedicated to training the next generation of reporters (and paying you for your work). Reach out to for more information on how you can get involved.

KCSU is run by real people! Our DJs make sure that we have a student-run, student-operated station during the school year.

Who are the DJs?

KCSU DJs are trained CSU students in the Fort Collins area. They undergo a four-week training before they are certified to have their own show. Check out who's on what on the broadcast. 

Can I become a DJ?

Training information can be found on our website. Becoming a DJ starts with filling out a form and joining a our training sessions. Any questions can be answered by KCSU’s training director, who can be reached at All CSU students are welcome to become DJs for the school year, and community members can DJ during the summer.

How can I volunteer at KCSU?

If you are a CSU student, contact the our program director training director at to point you in the right direction. You can also contact one of our other staff members, who can be found on the Contact page, if you know what department you want to get involved with.

Can I work at KCSU?

We have many paid opportunities for CSU students, which can be found by emailing us.  Staff positions usually open for applications in early March.

Open positions are available on the Rocky Mountain Student Media page on Specific questions about hiring? See our Contact page to reach out to a current staff member. All completed applications for open positions should be emailed to

Can I submit my music to KCSU?

Yes! Just follow this link, and fill out all of the questions provided.

Who do I talk to about scheduling an interview with my band?

Contact the KCSU local music director at to schedule and interview.

Can I donate to KCSU?

Yes! KCSU accepts all kinds of donations that can be filled out here or by sending us a Venmo at @kcsufm.

Our song history page is where any listener can find the last day of listening. Anything else we have spun can be found on our Spinitron page. You can also call the current DJ at (970) 538-5278.

KCSU is located on the Colorado State University campus in the basement level of the Lory Student Center. The office is staffed and accessible to visitors only during business hours, which are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

We are only about half funded by CSU, and the other half of our funding comes from your donations and underwriting support. All funding for KCSU goes directly to our staff, DJs, events, and support for our programming.