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Submitting Your Music for Air-Play

At KCSU we love hearing new music!

Whether you are a PR firm, or just trying to get your band heard, we welcome you to submit your album or EP to us for airplay consideration. You can submit your music physically or digitally. Once it has gone through the Music Directors, it will be passed on to our DJs to review. This process may take a few weeks or even months at times, so please be patient. Thank you for creating music, we are so glad you have chosen to submit it to KCSU!


Physical submissions can be sent to:

KCSU Music

ATTN: Brighid Bandel

Room 118, Lory Student Center

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO, 80523


Follow up emails and inquiries can be sent to

Please only submit the best audio quality music for consideration.

We accept full albums, EPs and singles will be considered for airplay.