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To purchase services, email or call (970) – 538 – 7170.

Rent Production Studio

$100 per hour, including a studio attendant

$75 per hour, without a studio attendant

Minimum of 1 hour rental

The KCSU production studio can be rented to record interviews, narrations, commercials, podcasts, and many other creative audio services. New clients may rent without an attendant; however an attendant is highly encouraged if you are unfamiliar with the equipment we use. Current clients may rent the studio on their own after receiving permission from the KCSU General Manager.

Our studio is of professional caliber and can sound like your favorite professional production. For the technical folks out there, we have 3 Electro-Voice RE-27 Non-Directional microphones. You may edit using Adobe Audition CS 6 or Audacity. We use Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones. You may record calls using Zoom, Dialpad, and other digital recording platforms. We have two CD players in-studio. We have XLR, quarter inch, and RCA inputs to input virtually any sound into our Netwave soundboard.

Audio Editing

$50 per hour

KCSU employees can write and produce commercials (for non-KCSU broadcasts), interviews, PSAs, podcasts, book narration, and many other creative audio services. Our editing takes place after you record at KCSU, or after you send us your files to edit.

More information about purchasing advertisement on air is located at the bottom of this page or under our underwriting information. 

DJ Services

$100 per hour
KCSU DJs can come to play music at your next event! We can design playlists, take requests, and MC as well. This DJ service includes two loudspeakers, a table, microphone, and our mixer. Please inquire about more complex live sound services and we may be able to accommodate you! The rate is $100 per hour for all services including set-up, break-down, and event time. A 2-hour event typically costs $300-400. KCSU brings two 1000-watt PA speakers to make your event bump both inside and outdoors! Interested? Fill out this form to book a DJ!

Public Service Announcement

Free (Only for Non-Profits)

KCSU PSAs are designed for CSU or Northern Colorado listeners with the objective of raising awareness and/or changing public attitudes or behaviors toward a social issue -or- informing listeners about the mission of a non-profit community organization within our listening area. PSAs are NOT an announcement for a product or event, regardless of the mission of sponsor organization.

To make a PSA, your organization must follow the qualifications below. If you do qualify, get started by emailing

  1. Only official non-profits or individual community members not-seeking to generate a profit can create a PSA.
  2. Must be “evergreen,” meaning the PSA message must be relevant for years to come. It is not an announcement about an event or any information that changes quickly. For time based PSAs, email
  3. The majority of your PSA must raise awareness about a social issue -or- inform listeners about the mission of your local organization. The remainder of your PSA gives information about solving that issue -or- contact information for your local organization.

KCSU Media Trade

Your organization or event and KCSU trade equal amounts of publicity including underwriting announcements, print materials, and other creative media methods. For more information on media trades, contact

Social Media

$125 per post (includes $25 Facebook or Instagram boosting charge)

Looking to reach more people? KCSU will post your ad on our official Facebook or Instagram. For an extra $25, your post can also be seen on Collegian Newspaper social media for a combine audience of more than 10,000 followers!


Bulk buys can be applied to any total buy on an underwriting. KCSU services are not offered at a discount.

  • CSU Student Organizations: 50%
  • Not for Profit & CSU Dept. Organizations: 20%
  • All underwriting costs include basic production.

Other Great Deals!

  • Spend $3,000 – $5,000: 10% off
  • Spend $5,000 – $10,000: 20% off
  • Spend $10,000 or more: 30% off

Underwriting Details

Underwriting is a non-commercial announcement of support about your business or organization! You can underwrite KCSU by sponsoring specific programming or through pre-recorded announcements. More information about underwriting is available here. 

Air Times: We will try to honor requests for specific airing times, but reserve the right to select airtime due to technical or schedule limitations.

Underwriting Spot Content: May include business names, slogans, brands, trade names, and service listings.

  • Requirements: Underwritings must be 30 seconds or less and cannot include the following. Calls to action (buy, sell, lease), qualitative language (implying favorable comparisons to other businesses), or monetary information/value statements. This includes, but is not limited to; price, figures, discounts, saving (“free” is also considered a price)
  • Don’t stress, our KCSU production director is very educated on these rules and will create a script for you. If you have questions on the process of creating a script or underwriting, contact

Show Sponsorships: Shows typically follow music, public affairs, news, or sport themes. We recommend contacting us to help pair your organization with the right show.

Mentions: A 10-second or less announcement of an organization’s services or purpose.

Other Information:

KCSU’s underwriting and service agreements do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or agreements. We reserve the right to deny underwriting and services to persons or organizations who do not align with the mission of KCSU.