Turnover Rocks the House at the Aggie

Brighid got the chance to see Turnover on their new tour to promote their new EP “Myself in the Way,” that came out November 9th. We want to thank the Aggie Theater for letting us come review the show! (Cover Photo from Z2 Entertainment)


Brighid Bandel, Music Director

Turnover has been that band that I knew all of their songs, but never put a name to the songs. One of my favorite songs of all time is “Dizzy on the Comedown,” since it was one of those songs I discovered when I first started to drive. Growing up, the only thing you could do in my hometown is drive around – I lived in the suburbs so it was either that or go to Target. One of my first times getting behind that wheel and feeling so “free,” one of my friends I picked up played that song. It reminds me of what I thought it felt like to be an adult. Boy was I wrong.

Photo by Pop Entertainment

Fast forward three years, instead of being a junior in high school, I’m a junior in college and heard they are coming to the Aggie Theater. I know their name sounds familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. After some quick research, I realized who they were and needed to go. I heard that song again and felt transported back to the time before life actually begun.

I’ve begin to notice that there is a running theme between the Aggie theater and I, usually consists of going to concerts that meant a lot to me from when I was younger, and almost closing that chapter of my life as well. So once that November night hit, I was ready for it.

My drive down to Aggie was quick and pretty – they had just put the Christmas lights up all around Old Town so my eyes were only looking up most of the time. We came later than I would like to because of school, but that meant we didn’t have to stand in line in the fresh new November weather at all – that did mean we missed the opening act.

We really couldn’t push up the crowd, but I was fine with that because before I knew it, the beginning tune of “Tears of Change,” began with butterflies growing in my stomach. The guitar solos & riffs on that some give me heavy psychedelic rock vibes, with the crowd mostly head banging.

Turnover was such a great group to preform at the Aggie since they really connected with the crowd. Even sometimes taking time to crack jokes and really take time to seem like people – not performers. My highlights from the show was “Mountains Made of Clouds,” “Plant Sugar,” & of course – “Dizzy on the Comedown.” It was the third to last song played and I swear – I almost cried.

Turnover was an amazing concert to go to, and of course the Aggie is such a great concert to house them.