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Photo By Hannah Steinwagner

Local Bluegrass band delivers an incredible night of the Grateful Dead on their “Road to WinterWonderGrass” tour

Hannah Steinwagner, KCSU DJ January 31, 2024

Last Wednesday, local deadheads filled the Aggie Theater to witness an incredible Grateful Dead cover band, with a wild bluegrass twist. Pickin’ on the Dead, made up of Tyler Grant, Ace Engfer, Michael...

Photo by Riley Hilbert

Dead Floyd brings a psychedelic jam to the sold out Aggie Theatre

Riley Hilbert December 9, 2023

Channeling the sounds of the 60s, last weekend Dead Floyd took the stage at the Aggie Theatre. Their first time selling out the venue, the energy bouncing between the band and the audience made the night...

Image courtesy of Rylee Sharkey

Local bands take over The Aggie Theater

Sarah Meyer November 28, 2023

As soon as the doors to the Aggie Theatre opened, fans and supporters kept coming in. With an intimate venue like the Aggie Theatre, attendees are able to experience the music in an up-close setting...

When TX2 ran on stage, it was an immediate explosion of adrenaline and excitement. Genuinely, I have never had this much fun at a concert.

TX2: Hometown hero

Forrest Nelson April 29, 2023

In my preparation for “A Night of Emo,” I painted my fingernails black, did some laundry (so I could have a full black outfit), and listened to some emo classics to channel my middle school emo phase....

Pixie and the Partygrass Boys performing the self-invented bluegrass style known as Partygrass.

Three bands, no headliner and an unforgettable evening: The Great Mountain Groove at the Aggie

Bailey Liverman March 9, 2023

Some musicians truly love to bring the festival spirit wherever they play - a tradition that started off with traditional jam bands and is kept alive with many bluegrass bands. The Great Mountain Groove...

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