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7 a.m.-3 p.m. Rotation Hours

3 p.m.-7 a.m. Specialty Hours

7 a.m.-9 a.m. (some of those) crazy girls with Paiger the Rager, DJ Meow, and DJ Bee

About the Show: "(Some of those) Crazy Girls" is a broad range of alternative, rock, and indie tunes. With varying tastes, our 3 DJ's always have something new and exciting to share!

About the DJ: My name is Ruthie and I am a DJ at KCSU! I am a Journalism student, a little sister, a friend and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. I would love to leave a comfortable space for any kind of person to come listen to my show when they have early mornings ahead of them. Outside of KCSU, I am always strumming my baritone ukulele and singing my favorite songs, writing in a notebook, eating copious amounts of fruit, or reading a book of any genre. You can find me on CSU's campus sitting outside the Education Building, or watching squirrels by the greenhouse.

10 a.m.-12 p.m. Training Wheels
with DJ Webz

About the show: KCSU's DJ Trainees come on the air to practice their DJ skills and/or do their on-air test to be certified as DJs at KCSU! This show is dedicated to learning and education, please be patient with our new DJs! You're going to meet a lot of new faces around here so keep tuned to hear them when they graduate to their own showtimes!

About the DJ:  Hi! I’m DJ Webz! I’m the Training Director here at KCSU and this is my third year as a DJ at the station. I love good food, good friends, and good tunes. I hope you like my show!

12 p.m.-1p.m. The Forest with Woodland

About the show: You never know what you'll find in the forest. Could be something new or old, known or obscure. Any genre could be in the forest so come hear something you might not have heard before.

About the DJ: I'm Woodland. This is my first year at CSU and my first time being a DJ. I try to listen to an album every day but I can't listen to the same genre or artist for too long so I'm always looking for things I haven't heard before. I especially like music on physical media, so I have a collection of over a hundred records, some CDs, and cassettes.

1 p.m.-3 p.m. Historical Harmonies with DJ Flipper

About the show:  Historical Harmonies is all about connecting current music with past events. Each show I talk about a different historical event/story and play music that either relates to it or that I just enjoy! Be ready to hear several genres and fun, wacky stories about why things are the way they are!

About the DJ: HI! I'm Lauren! I am currently studying History with the hopes of becoming a history teacher. I love sharing niche facts about past events, which works perfectly for my major. I've also always enjoyed just listening to music whether it has a specific purpose or not! So feel free to relax and hopefully learn something with me!

3 p.m.-5 p.m. Moony Tunes with DJ Daze

About the show:  Moony Tunes is an out-of-this-world show with a catchy genre-bending musical profile. Take a trip around the wheel of the year with new musical themes every month, and learn about the mysteries of the universe from your friendly neighborhood cosmonaut and resident hippie. Catch the latest news on all your favorite stars, look to the skies, and learn what’s happening with the planets every Moonday from 3-5pm

About the DJ: Hi! I’m Laura a.k.a. DJ Daze, the artist formerly known as DJ Moon. I enjoy long walks on the beach, car-karaoke, an extra shot of espresso, and trying to keep my houseplants alive. When I’m not cleaning incense off my vinyl shelf or photosynthesizing in sunny spots around campus, I live my double life as the KCSU Programming Director and sociology student.

"Dusty Records" is live every Monday from 5p.m.-7p.m.

5 p.m.-6 p.m. Forest Frequencies with DJ Rainz

About the Show: Welcome to Forest Frequencies! We'll play some alt-rock, indie and folk, but we're always listening to new genres and looking to share whatever we find.

About the DJ:  I'm Isaac, I'm a third year mechanical engineering student from Seattle. Whenever I have free time I love doing anything outside, listening to music and going to concerts.

6p.m.-7p.m. Thru Lons' Lens with DJ Lons

About the show: Thru Lons' Lens puts my glasses on your face! Lucky you! Don't worry, it's a universal prescription! I want to share the music that functions as the soundtrack to my life and the perspective it provides me. From abstract hip hop to bluegrass country to hyper pop to soulful oldies to jungle house, I want to share the music that means the most to me, companioned with personal stories, fun facts, and significant cultural context. I hope to expose you to new music and help you rediscover songs you forgot even existed; all to add to the soundtrack of your life!

About the DJ: Howdy! I'm DJ Lons aka Lorenzo. I enjoy and spend most of my time consuming and critiquing pop culture, particularly music, movies, and tv shows. I am studying both Sociology and Political Science, so I enjoy nuanced discussion (and debate) in the great marketplace of ideas. I love watching sunsets and biking; even better at the same time!

7p.m.-9 p.m. L.O.V.E. with DJ Webz

About the show: You’re stuck in the sticky web of DJ Webz! Webz brings you a weekly themed show that brings a diverse range of music genres and artists. A silly and good time where you can pretend to be a little bug listening to a weird spider’s music until they let you free at the end of the show 🙂

About the DJ: Hi! I’m DJ Webz! I’m the Training Director here at KCSU and this is my third year as a DJ at the station. I love good food, good friends, and good tunes. I hope you like my show!

"The House of Static" is live every Monday from 9p.m.- 11 p.m.

9 p.m.-11 p.m. House Of Static with Aiden MC & DJ Ice Cold

About the show: You are now entering "THE HOUSE OF STATIC", within these static walls you will find a curated mix of hip hop, R&B, Jazz, Classic rock, Cumbia, and just about any other genre DJ Ice Cold and Aidan MC are charged by that week. "The House of Static" is more than just a radio show; it's a sanctuary where listeners can immerse themselves in the timeless melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious rhythms that define soul music. Each episode of THE HOUSE OF STATIC, the DJs will explore both the cultural significance of the music played                                                                                   and the DJs own connection to it.

About the DJs:
Aidan MC: I'm excited and proud to present a radio show inspired by the great entertainers and musicians of our past and present. I hope to expand my knowledge of music, entertainment, and production. I hope you find the music as special as I do!

DJ Ice Cold: Hailing from Houston with roots in Louisiana, DJ Ice Cold hopes to bring some southern soul into the mix.

7 a.m.-9 a.m. Musical Memories with DJ Sweet

About the Show: Everybody has associations with songs. Maybe it’s a song that played during a special moment in one’s life, or a song that has lyrics that just seem to really resonate within. On Musical Memories, this concept is explored through hearing the different memories different people have with music. Each week prior to the show, I will ask a person in my life about a song that is important to them and why, and then share it.

About the DJ: My name is Maren, I am a second-year Communications and Journalism student at CSU, and a DJ at KCSU! I love all things music- finding new artists, attending concerts, as well as making my own music. In addition I love exploring outdoors and rock climbing.

9 a.m.-10 a.m. Slouch Couch with DJ EJ

About the Show: Hey you! Do you like alt/indie/rock/whatever else my mind comes up with to play? Do you enjoy queer artists and bands? Do you like listening to interviews about queer people’s experiences? "Slouch Couch" is the show for you! I also bring fun facts, history, and news about the LGBTQ+ community to the radio waves, so tune in!

About the DJ:  Yo! DJ EJ here, KCSU’s podcast director, emcee, and specialty Dj all in one. I think I have immaculate music taste, so I’ve come to show it off on the radio! I’m an English major here at CSU and I’m going into my 3rd year; I’m also a college of liberal arts student ambassador. when I’m not on campus, I enjoy skiing, doing various crafts, cooking, and indulging in drives to Wyoming and back.

11 a.m.-1 p.m. Pushin' Daisies with Jane Doe

About the show: Tune in to find out!

About the DJ: Tune in to find out!

1 p.m.-3 p.m. The Weather with DJ Dewdrop

About the show: Like the clouds, life can be temperamental. Luckily, we have music to guide us through it and remind us to express ourselves every day. Join me for discussions of the small joys in life in between a rotation of music styles as predictable as The Weather. I'll tell you how I'm feeling, and maybe even share the forecast. Just between you & me, I'm hoping for rain.

About the DJ: DJ Dewdrop is an art major and computer science minor. In their free time, they love listening to music and playing video games like Stardew Valley and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They mostly listen to modern rock, indie pop, and alt z, but they've been known to enjoy songs of nearly any genre.

3 p.m.-4 p.m. Electric Eclectic with Simone

About the show: Welcome to the Electric Eclectic. Here I'll spin some new wave, classic rock, soul, funk, zolo, music you can dance to. Many lovely grooves that resonated with me and made my brain feel good. Flowy, dreamy, witchy. Songs like static electricity, old but gold. Hazy cosmic jive from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Vibrant sounds that make you feel like you’re floating. Or the most insane song you’ve ever heard. Maybe both!

About the DJ: Hey! I’m Mia Simone, I’m a freshman here at CSU. I’m studying Forest and Rangeland Stewardship with a Forest Biology concentration, so I love plants and the outdoors. In my free time I hang out with friends, collect vinyl, listen to music, and read. The best time of day is late at night, my favorite real animal is the owl, my favorite disputed animal is the Loch Ness Monster. I love the smell of vanilla and the color dark blue-green more than life. I’m so excited to have a show where I can ramble about the music I listen to and share some of my favorite songs with the greater Fort Collins area.

4 p.m.-5 p.m. Rocky Mountain Review with DJ Portia J
About the show: KCSU’s News Directors bring you news coverage. Coverage includes northern Colorado and national news, straight from the KCSU Fort Collins news desk. Topics range from crime to cryptocurrency to local art galleries. KCSU news is also on Spotify (and most podcast streaming platforms), and listeners can find it by clicking here or searching KCSU News.

About the DJ: Tune in to find out!

"Kleptomusica" is live every Tuesday from 5p.m.- 7p.m.

5 p.m.-7 p.m. Kleptomusica with Audrey III

About the show:  Have you ever wondered how a genre of music is created? Is it imperative that you have fun facts ready for any social occasion? Do you enjoy seeing how inspiration and influence flow back and forth through all categories of pop culture? Then Kleptomusica is for you! With a surprising and varied soundtrack, each week, Audrey III and DJ Apathy will explore the interconnectedness of music and its history through the influences of one artist! They will show you how your favorite songs are made from unlikely foraged parts - whether it's through the musician’s personal experience, other pieces of music, other creators or stories heard on the street. Sometimes, you may even be surprised that your favorite musician has inspired later iconic creations beyond their own music! Listener requests are encouraged, and if you have a piece of trivia to send along with a song, even better!

About the DJ:
Audrey III:
Hi, I'm Audrey III (she/her)!
I'm a student at CSU who is double majoring in Art and Computer Science. I'm a huge fan of horror, 90s tv shows such as Seinfeld or Twin Peaks, and I'm fascinated with music history! I love just about any creative medium, whether that's illustration, sewing, programming, sculpting or crafts in general, but I especially adore music. My favorite genres are rock, postpunk, new wave and punk, but I'm always looking to discover new music, so I'm overjoyed to be a DJ here at KCSU!

DJ Apathy:
DJ Apathy is a junior studying computer science at CSU. When he's not DJing or being incredibly good at his occupation, he's playing the bass guitar, losing at videogames, cycling, petting dogs, and enjoying live music. He’s constantly advocating for things like Nine Inch Nails, Mitski, They Might Be Giants, and “crank wave”. Doesn’t know who The Beatles are.

7 p.m.-9 p.m. Jock Talk with DJ Khaos

About the Show: Jock Talk is a sports talk show that mixes the sounds of KCSU with sports talk ranging from professional and collegiate football, basketball, hockey, MMA and more. This show will provide more coverage on more sports than any other sports talk show.

About the DJ:  My name is Kaleb Allen, I am a graduate student in the Sport Management masters program. I operate at KCSU under the name DJ Khaos. I am an avid sports fan, my favorites being football, basketball, hockey, and MMA. I look to bring all of my knowledge of various sports to add to the current sporting content at KCSU.

Tune into "The Concrete Beat" on Tuesdays from 9p.m.-11p.m.

9 p.m.-11 p.m. The Concrete Beat with DJ Rat

About the Show: The Concrete Beat will mainly feature songs with strong rhythm and energy, but this can range between genres, definitely 80's alternative. Some good hits to make you wanna hit the street and put you in a good mood wherever you're going.

About the DJ:  I'm a new DJ at KCSU and I am very excited to start my first show! I'm a fourth year studying journalism and Media Comms. I am originally from California and I like all kinds of music, but my favorite genres would have to be country, folk, early 2000s rap and 80's Alternative!

7 a.m.-9 a.m. Taking Care with DJ Dali

About the show:  My show is rotation, meaning I play a variety of songs from different genres, artists, and eras. On my breaks, I talk about the importance of self care and ways to make sure you're growing as an individual while prioritizing your needs. It's difficult and there were so many times in my life I wished I had someone letting me know I wasn't alone in that effort. Taking Care is a way for anyone who listens to feel seen and safe while listening to some great music. I hope you join me and thank you for supporting KCSU!

About the DJ: Hi! My name is DJ Dali, I'm a sophomore at CSU and this will be my second year as a DJ at KCSU. I never intended to be a DJ at any point in my life, but I'm here now and could not be happier! When I'm not at the station, I'm working towards a degree in Journalism with a minor in Sports Management, hanging out with my friends, and playing intramural sports.

10 a.m.-12 p.m. Training Wheels
with DJ Webz

About the show: KCSU's DJ Trainees come on the air to practice their DJ skills and/or do their on-air test to be certified as DJs at KCSU! This show is dedicated to learning and education, please be patient with our new DJs! You're going to meet a lot of new faces around here so keep tuned to hear them when they graduate to their own showtimes!

About the DJ:  Hi! I’m DJ Webz! I’m the Training Director here at KCSU and this is my third year as a DJ at the station. I love good food, good friends, and good tunes. I hope you like my show!

11 a.m.-12 p.m. randomness with DJ Mason

About the Show: If you were to listen to my show, I hope that you love a huge variety of music because I will be playing a big variety of different genres of music. That’s why it’s called randomness because I’ll make sure to play a bunch of random genres so it’s all wacky and zany

About the DJ:  My name is Alec Forrester and I just became a certified KCSU DJ. I am a very big nerd and I absolutely love playing video games and going on bike rides and walks. I also love listening to music as well.

12 p.m.-1 p.m. Weekly Gems  with DJ Fruitbat and Lady J

About the Show: "KCSU’s Weekly Gems Countdown” is hosted by the KCSU Music Directors, Lady J and DJ Fruit-Bat, and describes the top artists that your local 90.5 FM DJs are playing this week! The show airs every Wednesday from 1-2, and you can tune in to hear the countdown, learn more about each artist behind the songs topping KCSU’s charts, and listen to DJ Fruit-Bat and Lady J break down the sound and feel of each song!

About the DJ: 
DJ Fruitbat: Hi, I'm Paris! I'm the Assistant Music Director at the station and am an English major specializing in rhetoric, which means a lot of writing! I love writing in basically every genre and do a lot of (very nerdy) writing for fun in my free time! I really love music and don't like to go more than an hour or two without listening to something if I can help it. I also love making my own clothes and jewelry!

Lady J: Hey, I'm Jalen (Lady J) and I'm a DJ and Music Director here at KCSU! I am a senior this year, majoring in music composition. I love to perform, write, share, and above all, learn about music. I tend to have plenty to say about my selections, so hopefully we can learn about some new music together!

"30th Century Music" is live every Wednesday from 1p.m.- 2p.m.

1p.m.-2p.m. 30th Century Music with DJ Fruitbat

About the show: 30th Century Man is a Scott Walker song from 1969, and it inspired the name of this show because of the way it sounds - both old and new - and brings together elements from old music to strive towards the future! In my show, I play music from all over the place in time, both geographically and genre-wise, and my focus is on anything that feels like it's on the edge of something really exciting. Expect a lot of post-punk, art-pop, and old gems from classic artists and musical eras that you might not have heard before, plus interesting facts about the songs I'm playing during the breaks!

About the DJ: Hi, I'm Paris! I'm the Assistant Music Director at the station and am an English major specializing in rhetoric, which means a lot of writing! I love writing in basically every genre and do a lot of (very nerdy) writing for fun in my free time! I really love music and don't like to go more than an hour or two without listening to something if I can help it. I also love making my own clothes and jewelry!

2 p.m.-3 p.m. Hearing Pollution with DJ Atlas

About the Show: My show is an assortment of songs that will follow the theme of the week. The theme would be something simple like "blue songs" or " songs for summer" and there will be music from a variety of genres and artists.

About the DJ: I was a rotation DJ last year and loved being involved. I play drums and I like goin to shows.

3 p.m.-5 p.m. Snake Pit  with DJ Python

About the show: Snake pit is a mixed musical bag. Discussing music from various genres and what influences their artists, this is the show for anyone interested in learning more about how their favorite songs came to be.

About the DJ: I’m Ria and I’m a second year zoology major. I’ve always been interested in music and have a background in dance and choreography. When i’m not listening to music or studying, you can find me doing yoga, reading, or hanging out with my friends. .

5 p.m.-7 p.m. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Show with Briggy Smalls

About the Show: Get your traveling pants on - we are going on an adventure! Join Briggy as she takes you on a journey through music with fun tier lists, topics, and conversations to lead you home.

About the DJ:  Hi! I’m Briggy! I’m the current station manager at KCSU and I love music!!!!!!

"Circadian Rhythms" is live every Wednesday from 7p.m.- 9p.m.

7 p.m.-9 p.m. Circadian Rhythms with DJ Mae

About the show: Circadian Rhythms is a musically diverse show focused on connecting with my listeners through great music. Every playlist has been thoughtfully curated and is what I enjoy listening to myself. I hope you'll join me!

About the DJ: My name is Alaina and I’m a Journalism and Media Communications student at CSU, with a minor in music. I am also the Promotions Director here at KCSU. My musical taste could be best described as eclectic, and ever-evolving. While I particularly love alternative rock and indie folk, I respect, enjoy, and listen to music of all genres and eras, and I invite listeners of all preferences to join me on this adventure!

"Date Night" is live every Wednesday from 9p.m. -11p.m.

9 p.m.-11 p.m. Date Night with DJ Heartbreak and DJ Crush

About the show: Join us for Date Night! Featuring new and classic love songs, break-up jams, and romantic advice this is a late-night show for the lovesick and lonely alike. Listeners are invited to text in and dedicate a song to your boo!

About the DJ: Hi! I'm DJ Heartbreaker or Wren 🙂 I'm a transfer student somewhere in my senior year. I' majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in art history. I joined KCSU in my first term and am a host on the show Date Night, a romance themed late-night show. I've always loved the classic newspaper advice columns and I wanted to bring this style into the KCSU studio and hope to be able to connect with listeners!

11p.m.-1 a.m. The Midnight Mailbox with bry and zoe

About the show:  it's time to open the midnight mailbox! join bry and zoe every wednesday night as they read the weekly mail, play some cozy late-night tracks, and write letters to something they love! no stamps required!

About the DJ:
mail-carrier bry is a fourth-year english major from denver, colorado and is largely unqualified to manage any official postal business. bry is, however, an experienced letter writer and envelope expert, so she can (probably) be trusted to handle your mail.

mail-carrier zoe is a fourth-year neuroscience major from colorado springs, colorado and really should not be trusted with anyone's official postal business. she can't even fly a carrier plane! despite this, zoe is a lover of stickers and postage stamps, and will always make sure your letters are kept safe.

7 a.m.-9 a.m.  Poptart Power Hour with DJ Boo

About the Show: For my show I will try to mostly play pop/alternate music that's happy or upbeat. People should listen because it might help boost their day. I will include a positive message in each of my shows and tell some dad jokes to keep things light.

About the DJ:  My name is Brynn and I am a communications major, I just started at KSCU and I am looking forward to getting more involved. I love listening to music, I enjoy reading and spending time outdoors, I love going to concerts, and I like art.

9 a.m.-10 a.m.Longing For The Board with DJ Franz

About the show: "Longing for the Board" is a show made specifically for that skateboard ride you've been "longing" for. With my music ranging anywhere from old love songs to hard rock, I will always aim to make you feel like you've got a board at your feet and an open road ahead of you.

About the DJ: Hi! I'm Damien, I'm a first-year animal science student. I love animals, skateboarding, and rockin' out

10 a.m. 11a.m. Whim City with DJ whimsy

About the show: Whim City is a radio show that plays any genre on a whim! A mix of all types of music, with an emphasis on indie, with new and local songs played frequently

About the DJ: I'm Emma aka DJ Whimsy, a rotation DJ at KCSU who majors in Environmental Engineering. I love to listen to music and be outside as much as possible!

11 a.m.-1 p.m. Airhead  with Blondi

About the Show: The idea behind Airhead is not to take anything seriously; it's about leaning into the stereotypes we're put into and enjoying them, specifically when it comes to music.
Ultimately, what matters is if the music makes you feel something, regardless of whether it places you in a stereotype or not. Let the art kids listen to their indie music, and the blondes listen to their pop.

About the DJ:  Originally from Texas and formally from New York City, I obtained a degree in Fashion Design from FIT before dropping out and working for as a stylist making my way to working for fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Nylon. After realizing that the fashion world wasn’t for me, I decided to move somewhere that was the total opposite of NYC and ended up in Colorado at CSU where I am now studying Psychology with a minor in Media Studies. In my free time I run a blog and I do mixed media art. I also spend an absurd amount of time making Spotify playlist.

1 p.m.-2 p.m. Factoid Function with DJ Elclectic and DJ Bug Brain

About the Show: Need many a useful factoid? Pull up to the func. Every episode of "Fashion Function" is meticulously crafted to be a journey into the world of trivia. We've scoured the archives, dug deep into the books, and tapped into the collective knowledge of humanity to bring you the most mind-boggling facts you've ever heard.

About the DJ:  Hello, I'm DJ Elcectic! This is my first-year at CSU from NorCal. I am so excited to be a part of the KCSU team! I DJ and volunteer as an audio producer for KCSU. When I'm not spinning tunes, I love to hike, go to concerts, and watch films. My major is Apparel and Merchandising, fashion is my passion!

2p.m.-3p.m. Vibe Voltage with DJ Poodle Puff

About the show: I'll play a variety of music for this show (including some indie and alt music) but I'm mostly gonna focus on electric/edm and hyperpop - things like that so tune in if that's your thing! I'll talk a bit about the artists and genre between songs too so if you wanna learn a bit more about the music I'll be happy to tell ya!

About the DJ: Sup, I'm DJ Poodle Puff! I'm the resident edm and hyperpop enthusiast so you can expect to hear a lot of that on my show. I also just love to talk about all my weird little interests so I'll be aiming for a spot on a talk show in adition to general music stuff so that's pretty cool too. My hobbies, like my music taste, are pretty tech-based. You can usually find me playing games or just messing with my computer which I suppose makes sense as a comp-sci major.

3p.m.-4p.m. Noodle Shop Pop with DJ Soba

About the show: Bringing you everything from pop to punk, Noodle Shop Pop with DJ Soba will bring you all the new pop hits, emo tunes you haven't listened to since you were a kid, and a hint of Colorado's local gems.

About the DJ: My name is Mitchie Kellogg aka DJ Soba, I am 23 years old, I transferred from UNC in 2021 to CSU. I am an Art major with a fibers concentration, and a minor in women's studies and art history. I am a DJ with KCSU who loves pop, pop punk, and emo music, along with the occasional folk track. In the summer of 2023 I travelled to Japan on a study abroad program and found that I love the art, culture and lifestyle of the country. Tune into my show to hear stories from my time there, fun facts about the art and culture of Japan, or interesting tid bits about learning the language.

4 p.m.-5 p.m. Rocky Mountain Review with DJ Portia J

About the show: KCSU’s News Directors bring you news coverage. Coverage includes northern Colorado and national news, straight from the KCSU Fort Collins news desk. Topics range from crime to cryptocurrency to local art galleries. KCSU news is also on Spotify (and most podcast streaming platforms), and listeners can find it by clicking here or searching KCSU News.

About the DJ: Tune in to find out!

5 p.m.-7 p.m. The Witching Hour with DJ Alchemy

About the show: Come get enchanted by the spell of DJ Alchemy! A variety show for the first hour, spanning whatever subject comes to mind, before honing in on a a specific topic. This fall, DJ Alchemy is doing weekly football picks again! They're usually not correct but isn't that the fun part? Tune in for variety, football, and of course the 5:30 Weezer block!

About the DJ: Hi there, I'm DJ Alchemy, or Brandon. This is my 3rd year at KCSU as a DJ, and I'm excited to keep doing my show to make it better than ever. I'm a fourth year forestry major, which I'm pretty sure makes me a professional tree hugger. When I'm not in the DJ booth, I'm usually outside hiking and camping, or inside playing my bass and listening to music.

7 p.m.-9 p.m. Ramblers with DJ Khaos

About the show: "Ramblers" is your one-stop destination for everything CSU sports-related. Kaleb Allen and Austin Martin bring you the latest updates, insightful commentary, and behind-the-scenes stories that keep you connected to the Rams' athletic endeavors. Whether it's football, basketball, volleyball, or any other sport that paints the canvas of CSU pride, these hosts have you covered. The show comes to life with exclusive interviews featuring coaches, players, and even rising stars from Colorado State University's athletic programs and club sports programs. Hear the stories that go beyond the scores as the hosts delve into the strategies, challenges, and triumphs that shape the Rams' journey to victory.

About the DJ: My name is Kaleb Allen, I am a graduate student in the Sport Management masters program. I operate at KCSU under the name DJ Khaos. I am an avid sports fan, my favorites being football, basketball, hockey, and MMA. I look to bring all of my knowledge of various sports to add to the current sporting content at KCSU.

# 9 p.m.-11 p.m. Effective Full Power Hour with Yung Greazy

About the show: I will be exploring energetic genres of music. Music that makes you vibe. Music that makes you move and dance the night away. Music that makes you live in the moment. Come listen so we can explore different styles of EDM and Rock music to and find new music and vibes together

About the DJ: I am an Electrical engineering student here at CSU and am a prior Navy vet.

7 a.m.-8 a.m. In My Bag with DJ Ghost

About the Show: “In my bag” is a fun radio show where you can listen to some cool tunes. You’ll hear some indie artists with a mix of local, new and alternative songs. As well as listening to exciting music, you’ll hear some enjoyable musical stories. For an hour a week you can enjoy artist and bands you may have not heard of or that you already love.

About the DJ:  Hi!! My name is DJ Ghost aka Audrey. I’m a first year journalism student here at CSU and a DJ at KCSU. I feel there is nothing better than being wrapped in a giant sweater. When I’m not in the studio you can find me climbing or watching a rom-com with my friends. I want my show to be a fun safe space where you can relax and listen to some fun tunes. Thanks for listening!!

8a.m.-9a.m. Music Around The World with Atom Son of Man

About the show: Ethnic music, traditional music, music from other cultures.

About the DJ: I am Atom Son of Man, I am a DJ and working to become a podcaster. I am a USMC Veteran, I am from the Navajo Nation. I have a rock n roll band called Atom Son of Man and a Native drum circle called RECLAMATION. My hobbies are music, boxing, skateboarding, painting, and dancing.

"RAMJAM" is live every Friday from 9a.m.- 11a.m.

9 a.m.-11 a.m. RAMJAM with DJ Pretty Sweet

About the show: Get hyped for RAMJAM with DJ Pretty Sweet! RAMJAM will keep you on your toes with DJ Pretty Sweet's top picks. Watch out for experimental, throwbacks, 90s and y2k classics. RAMJAM will be your jam!

About the DJ: Hey I'm Sarah (DJ Pretty Sweet) and I'm a senior at CSU studying Journalism & Media Communication. When I'm not turning tables, I enjoy going outside, sleeping, thrifting, collecting CDs, and exploring the mountains. I feature a playlist of everyone of my shows on my Spotify @sarahs_mixtape.

11 a.m.-1 p.m. On the Corner of Jazz and Rock with DJ BMO and DJ Wax

About the show: On the Corner of Jazz and Rock offers a unique perspective on the two genres and how they are similar or different. DJ BMO often brings smoother jazz, while DJ Wax brings some hard-rocking tunes. The show offers our thoughts and opinions on the two genres that we are both big fans of.

About the DJ:

DJ BMO: I’m a second-year student at CSU and I love music. I’m practically always listening and learning about it in my free time, ranging all across the board from jazz to hard metal. I play a lot of video games and play water polo in my free time when I’m not doing schoolwork, but even then I’m still listening to music.

DJ Wax: I'm a second year student at CSU, and I have a deep appreciation for the classics. My favorite kind of music is classic rock, but I also enjoy many other genres, such as country, hip-hop, jazz, indie rock, blues, and more. In my free time, I like to play the bass, read, and get outside, or I'll spend time with my friends.

1 p.m.-3 p.m. Training Wheels with DJ Webz

About the show: After a long day of work or relaxing, you can tune into my show where I play some of my favorite song's that I listened to this week, and let you request to hear some of your favorites! Sharing music is one of my favorite things to do and I'd love to hear what you all listen to!

About the DJ: Hi! I’m DJ Webz! I’m the Training Director here at KCSU and this is my third year as a DJ at the station. I love good food, good friends, and good tunes. I hope you like my show!

3p.m.-4p.m. Greetings From The Sunset with DJ Smithsonian

About the show: Greetings from the Sunset Strip! Join me in exploring one of my favorite generations of music, and encounter the nostalgia for an era we'll never experience. Greetings is a mix of old music from a number of bands that got their starts on the Sunset Strip, as well as a bunch of newcomers that have been able to perfectly replicate that old sound that's so reminiscent of old rock clubs that have made a name for themselves in the late 70s to 80s, as well as bands from all across the world.

About the DJ: Hi! My name is Madi, and I'm a second year Anthropology student concentrating in Archaeology, with a minor in History focusing on Classical Antiquity, and a certificate in Museum Studies! I love anything "classic", whether in rock music or history, and I'm full of fun facts about both that I love to share!

4 p.m.-5 p.m. Groove;Modern with Lady J

About the show: What is it about beautiful music that can almost force you to tap a foot, sing along, or dance? You can call it a lot of things, but I tend to call it groove. It can exist almost anywhere; It could be the placement of the hi-hat in a drum beat, or the vocals entering at an unexpected but perfect spot. But it is what makes a track infectious. These subtle details are what I love about music. Finding the groove is the easy part, but understanding it is the real fun.

About the DJ: Hey, I'm Jalen (Lady J) and I'm a DJ and Music Director here at KCSU! I am a senior this year, majoring in music composition. I love to perform, write, share, and above all, learn about music. I tend to have plenty to say about my selections, so hopefully we can learn about some new music together!

5 p.m.-7 p.m. Primetime Shakedown with DJ Mac

About the show: Tune in to Primetime Shakedown to hear the latest in the sports world. From our beloved CSU sports, to local Colorado favorites, to across the world of sports, I give the lowdown on the sports world. From opinions to what I think we will be seeing in the future to reactions to results, you get all the facts and hot takes every Sunday!

About the DJ: I am Max, I am the sports producer at KCSU and a DJ host. I have loved sports all my life and love the Rockies, Nuggets, Broncos, and...Penguins. I swim with the CSU Swim Club, I am a computer science major, and love to be outside with friends or playing basketball, can't wait for you to listen!

7 p.m.-9 p.m. Edge of The Atomosphere with DJ Drift

About the show: Ever listen to a song and wonder what the meaning behind the lyrics are? Tales From the Drift invites you to listen to a variety of genres and hear the stories behind the music coasting through your ears. Sit back and enjoy the ride as you hear tales and interpretations of your favorite songs to help guide your journey in music.

About the DJ: Hi there! My name is Cruz and I am a KCSU DJ. Currently, I am a senior business student who has recently become acquainted with multiple genres of music which sparked my interested in becoming a DJ. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, playing guitar, sketching, being outside and everything in between. I'm excited to become a DJ and share the music I listen to with the world!

9 p.m.-11 p.m. Edge of the Atmosphere with DJ Proto

About the show: DJ Proto brings you alternative jazz, funk, and hip hop from the edges of the atmosphere. If you want tasty jams all the way from the 70s, underappreciated bops releasing new this fall, or any of the ear candy from in between, DJ Proto has it covered. Anything and everything from the dirt to the edge of the atmosphere.

About the DJ: My name is Pat aka DJ Proto, I am a Journalism major, the Broadcast engineer at KCSU, a huge gear head, and a lover of all kinds of music, especially alternative music that often doesn't get attention on the Radio. I love plants, the outdoors, and space, and can't wait to share all favorite music from my collection.

9 a.m.-11 a.m. Trash Magic with Soho Doll

About the show: The pop songs you haven't heard in a while, the indie you haven't heard of, and the rock you didn't know you liked. My show will feature a wide range of genre's with one thing in common: good music.

About the DJ: Hey it's Liv! I'm from Chicago and I'm a communications major here at CSU. I love writing, dancing, and (duh) music! My favorite artist is Lana Del Rey, and I cried seeing her live at Lollapalooza.

11a.m.-12p.m. The Skate Park with DJ Punkture

About the show: Welcome to The Skate Park, your definitive rendezvous with rebellion, where the pulse of punk, the raw power of grunge, and the innovative edge of alternative fuse into a musical revolution. DJ Punkture steers this auditory riot, serving as the quintessential conductor of noise.

About the DJ:

12 a.m.-1p.m. The Lunchtime Lunchbox with Lunchbox

About the show: The Lunchbox Lunchtime is a show for everyone looking to have a bright and groovy lunch. Anything from folk to indie music there is something for every listener. Find your new favorite song or just chill out while eating a sandwich.

About the DJ: I'm Lunchbox, a psychology and sociology duel major. I come from the windy plains of Oklahoma. I wish to share my unique and sometimes weird music taste with as many people as I can and I know you all will love it.

"Mindfully Musical" is live every Saturday from 1p.m.-2p.m.

1 p.m.-2 p.m. Mindfully Musical with DJ Salem

About the show: Hi, everyone! My name is Sophia. On Mindfully Musical I offer a space for comfort, positivity, and some good tunes! I discuss mindfulness and mental health advice on my breaks, and hope to give you a boost of positivity and motivation, as well as a safe space for you to relax and unwind. Thank you for listening to KCSU!

About the DJ: Hi everyone! My name is Sophia. I’m a DJ at KCSU and a Counseling Psychology major. I love music of nearly every genre, reading, journaling, and spending time outside. I have an emotional support cat named Salem (hence my DJ name).

3 p.m.-4 p.m. Billiards and Bangers with DJ Chronik and DJ Magic 8

About the show: Dive deep into the minds of DJ Chronik and DJ Magic 8 through the music of Billiards & Bangers! If you are interested in new, indie, alternative, and local tunes this is the show for you! It’s double the trouble with both of us, expect nothing but good vibes and fun times. Music is a game of chance, listen in and you can hear the fortune of the songs that will play during our show. Tune in to Billiards and bangers because the 8 Ball says you will definitely enjoy it.

About the DJ: DJ Chronik: Hi I’m Natalie! I’m a first-year majoring in Art History and a new DJ here at KCSU. Music is my passion. Rather that’s sharing it, listening to new tunes, or going to live shows, I believe music has the power to bring people together and share experiences. When I’m not in class, you can find me oil painting in the studio or outside exploring the mountains!

DJ Magic 8: I’m Greta and I am a Graphic Design and Journalism Major in my sophomore year at CSU. I love music and there is never a time when I’m not listening to music. My favorite type of music is alternative indie and grunge but my favorite bands at the moment are Deftones and Radiohead. I love art and painting and crochet in my free time. I love video games and just having a good time.

8a.m.-9a.m. Silver Screen Serenade with DJ BLove

About the show: This show will sound very eclectic and stir up memories. Songs in movies set a pace for the emotions we feel while watching the scenes. We build memories with movies and the songs in them. Let me take you back to your favorite scene in an awesome movie or show and why we love them.

About the DJ: I am DJ BLove. I am working on my second bachelors degree in Journalism and Media Communications and I am a DJ at KCSU. I am an avid movie fan who loves to know the ins and outs of all my favorite shows and movies. I play videos games, go to comic cons and watch lots of movies and anime

9 a.m.-11 a.m. Davey Bones' Disc Locker
with DJ Bones

About the Show: Tune in to Davy Bones' Disc Locker for some tunes from the deep. Every week along with new and local music, DJ Bones plays a selection of unique music that you might not have heard before!

About the DJ:  Davy is a sophomore in the College of Agriculture at CSU. He loves music, water, and creatures. And of course dirt.

11 a.m.-1 p.m. Live & Local with DJ Retrograde

About the show: KCSU's Staple Show, "Live & Local" brings you bands from Fort Collins and the surrounding areas, live in the studio. Love live music and supporting local musicians? Live & Local is the show for you!

About the DJ: My name is Riley, AKA DJ Retrograde. An avid musician and show-goer, I am very excited to be this year's local music director. I am in my sophomore year at KCSU, studying Business Marketing with minors in Music Business and Creative Writing.

1 p.m.-3 p.m. Killcount with Slasher

About the Show: Hi my name is Kaitlin or slasher I talk about one scary movie every week ranging and we talk theories props special effects and what I generally thought about the movie and more but it’s mostly bits besides that I absolutely love to talk about my horrifically tragic life all while we listen to rock and punk together

About the DJ:  Hi my name is Kaitlin I’m a musical theatre major my favorite color is green I love punk music/Culture and the one thing I love more than that are Horror movies!! I was super shocked by one so when I was 6 and now I’m stuck with them

"Funny Feeling" is live every Sunday from 3p.m.-5p.m.

3 p.m.-5 p.m. Funny Feeling with T.H. Squiggle

About the show: The show will play music that has a strong emotional driving force. Whether that be a happy, sad, or adventures feeling. The music should drive home one emotion a show.

About the DJ: Hello, I am an artist who makes podcasts and toys to stay in the loop for AI news so when our AI overlords make an appearance I will be able to best serve them. I spend summer in a summer camp as a counselor. There is nothing greater then the spirit of adventure form the mountains.

5 p.m.-7 p.m.The Wooden Monkey's Music Corner with DJ Little Bear

About the show: Pull up a seat and get ready for some groovy tunes in the Wooden Monkey's Music Corner with DJ Little Bear! During this show, you'll be exposed to a mix of alternative and indie rock that will make you feel like you just walked into the world's coolest coffee shop. There will be discussions about concerts, movies, TV shows, comics, and what ever else comes to mind. So sit back and relax in the Wooden Monkey's Music Corner.

About the DJ: Welcome to the Wooden Monkey's Music Corner! My name is Ella, AKA DJ Little Bear, and I'm a journalism major and returning DJ at KCSU. My parents introduced me to the world of indie/alternative music at a crazy early age (likely to retain their own sanity). It is because of them that I have developed a love for concerts, cool new music and all things pop culture. I can talk for hours about movies, music, comics, books and video games, but would prefer to introduce you to some great new songs. I hope you enjoy my show as much as I enjoy playing music for you. So take a seat and relax to some groovy tunes in the Wooden Monkey's Music Corner.

7 p.m.-9 p.m. Witch's Brew with DJ Cinnamon Apple

About the show: A show for weirdos! Each week we’ll dive into a new theme regarding the magical, the mystical, the downright strange with a discussion and a playlist to match. Discussion topics include countercultural ideas, witchcraft practices, and celebrations of the astrological seasons and pagan holidays. This show will equip you with the tools and tunes you need to live as a witch. A GOOD witch. Join us if you’re looking to get a little odd, and stay tuned to the end to hear your weekly horoscope 🙂

About the DJ: Hi I’m Apple, and I’m a KCSU DJ! I’m also a graduate student at CSU and working toward a PhD in Human Development. I care a lot about forming community through my shows and I hope you’ll join in our discussions! When I’m not on campus I’m typically reading a book, crocheting a sweater, or cruising around with my pals in my hot pink Jeep!

Tune into Solar Salsa on Sundays from 9p.m.-11p.m.

9 p.m.-11 p.m. Solar Salsa with DJ Magnemite

About the show: Expect to hear anything and everything on Solar Salsa! Carefully curated each week, I am bringing unique and funky themes to the studio. I pull my music from all over the place, from classics to new tracks you've never heard. You can expect to hear a mix of Latin music, hip-hop, R&B, rock, indie, electronic, and alternative music. Good music, good conversation, and representation is what I am all about. I want you to leave having discovered a new sound you can't get out of your head.

About the DJ: My name is Mia, I am a fourth-year studying journalism and art. I've spent the last year reporting on fashion, sustainability, street wear, skateboarding, and roller-skating. I love to antique and collect art, furniture, dolls, and clothes. My specialty in art lays in printmaking and I would love to get into tattooing in the future. My show is a great representation of who I am. I am connected to each and every song I play and I am excited to share my stories!

Information from past semester can be found here.