John Simmons of Balance & Composure


Sam Bulkley

Gutted, raw emotion with rhythmic and spacey guitar that can change to a power chord verse in a heartbeat was how Balance & Composure was defined in their own niche. With the new release of their new album, Light We Made, the band starts off on something new that a lot of alternative/pop-punk bands from the east coast are seeming to follow.

There is something unique about the maturity of the pop-punk/emo revival scene that B&C can be grouped into. You can see the changes in a lot of bands whether it is because they are getting more fame, experiencing more of life, or even just maturing into adults. Light We Made stands out among the new generation of alternative rock music by combining in multiple genres that usually don’t go together while keeping the feeling of an alt-rock band.

The album came out of the band being quiet for a year and a half. After having gotten into two car accidents on tour (One which could have ended the existence of the band) the band left early from one their supporting tours and laid low until Light We Made came to light. I got to talk to Jon Simmons (Lead Vocals/Guitar) about the new album, the maturity of the band, and politics in their music.