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Marie Tanksleys top 10 podcast recommendations of 2021

Marie Tanksley’s top 10 podcast recommendations of 2021

Marie Tanksley December 13, 2021

Marie Tanksley assembles her top 10 podcast recommendations for 2021. As always, no spoilers! "We’re Alive" "We're alive" is an apocalyptic Wayland Productions podcast widely regarded as one of...

Cover art for the podcast Painting Corners with Anton Schindler

Anton looks at a different kind of specialty player

Anton Schindler December 4, 2021

Description:This episode explores lesser-known MLB specialty positions and developments in the ongoing lockout of 2021. More information:When it comes to Major League Baseball, there are a lot...

The Mastercasts best finds of July 2021

‘The Mastercast’s’ best finds of July 2021

Marie Tanksley August 12, 2021

Description:"The Mastercast" is a podcast recommendation show that consists of seven non-spoiler, binge-worthy reviews of the best podcasts in a short and sweet 2- to 3-minute summary on everything...

Texas artist Dustin Massey smiles and stands with hands in back pockets

CSU Alumni and red dirt artist Dustin Massey returns to FoCo on June 24

Hannah Copeland June 18, 2021

Texas Music artist Dustin Massey speaks with podcast director Marie Tanksley about his upcoming show at Aggie Theatre and his new single, "Bad Love."Photo credit: Trenton Johnson, 613 Media

Your mind on music

Your mind on music

KCSU KCSU February 1, 2021

Assistant music director Lindsay Johnson provides a short insight into why humans evolved to love music, how it affects your brain and why some people just don't like jazz.

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