We're Not Kanye. That's the Title. (Squid Thoughts on PUP)

We're Not Kanye. That's the Title. (Squid Thoughts on PUP)

Sam Bulkley

The ferocious Canadian Punk-Rock band, PUP, has a couple of exciting announcements for their fans for 2016. A new album, a couple of tours, and a bunch of misfits having a good time. After releasing a new single, “DVP”, PUP announced a new album and the name along with it.

A few months ago, a doctor looked at Stefan's throat and said: "The Dream Is Over" – so that's what we're calling our new record.

Posted by PUP on Friday, February 12, 2016

One fan commented on the post, “This better fucking be the actual album title cause that is the most punk shit I have ever heard…” To which PUP responded, “We’re not Kanye. That’s the title.” Although it took Kanye four tries to get a name right for his new album, PUP is pretty set with this title. And the backstory for the title of The Dream Is Over has to be the most punk-rock thing you have heard in 2016. 

While they haven’t announced any tour dates to hit Colorado, they are touring a good majority of the United States supported by Rozwell Kid. Check out their awesome, video game inspired, lyric video for “DVP” below or the live performance for Audiotree.