Artists fight to keep their spot on the charts

This weeks charts include “Backseat Lovers,” “Suki Waterhouse,” “SZA,” & more!

Artists fight to keep their spot on the charts

Brighid Bandel , Music Director

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*=brand new to the charts this week!

1. SZA – r&b – (14 spins of “Kill Bill” off of the 2022 album “SOS”) SZA is on the charts twice this week! “Kill Bill” is the second track off the album. The title references the iconic Kill Bill film duology directed by Quentin Tarantino. As expected, the lyrical content details SZA’s homicidal fantasies about an ex-lover while coinciding with the plot of the movies.



2. Backseat Lovers– Alt/Indie – (11 spins of “Growing/Dying” off of the 2022 album “Waiting to Spill”) The Backseat Lovers are from Heber City Sandy, and Ogden Utah. The members include Jonas Swanson, Joshua Harmon, KJ Ward and Juice Welch. The band gained attention when their song “Kilby Girl” became popular.

“Growing/Dying” was the first single off their new album “Waiting to Spill.” According to the band in an interview with Melodic Magazine, “‘When We Were Friends’ was our first attempt at making an album, and it was essentially recording one song, selling some t-shirts at a show the next month, and being able to record another song. Upon finishing it, we were quickly filled with a strong desire to make something that really flowed together, with each song intentionally placed, creating a cohesion that spans the whole record. Overall though, ‘Waiting to Spill’ really feels like a continuation, the next chapter of our lives.”

3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs– alt/indie – (10 spins of “Fleez” off of the 2022 album “Cool it Down”) Yeah Yeah Yeahs are an alternative rock band from New York that consists of Karen O, Nick Zinner and Brain Chase. According to their Spotify, “Their fifth studio album is an eight-track collection, and an expert distillation of their best gifts that impels you to move, and cry, and listen closely and is bound to be a landmark in their catalog.”

“Fleez” is the fourth track on the album and was performed live for the first time at the Teragram Ballroom on May 30, 2022.

4. Suki Waterhouse – alt/indie – (10 spins of “Johanna” off of the 2022 EP “Milk Teeth”) Suki Waterhouse is an actress and new singer from London whose debut album was released early in 2022. According to her Spotify, Waterhouse “catalogs the most intimate, formative and significant moments of her life through songs.”

“Milk Teeth,” an EP that came out in late 2022, was a collection of her most popular singles with two new ones. “Johanna” was initially released in 2019 and follows a mysterious person who we all want to know – Johanna.

5. Coco & Clair Clair – pop – (9 spins of “U+Me ” off of the 2022 album “Sexy”) Coco & Clair Clair are a duo from Atlanta. According to Hometown Talent, they are “pioneers of ‘demon glam rock,’ their unapologetic & unmistakably hip-hop-influenced sound breathes new life into the lo-fi bedroom pop genre.”

The duo’s debut album “Sexy” is self-released and has critics going crazy. Self-described as “our best song ever,” “U + Me” was released as a stand alone single four months after the Treat Like Gold EP. Coco took to Twitter to describe the song, saying, “we’re giving you GROWTH, we’re giving you SEXY, we’re giving you a MASSIVE HIT all within this one song…”

6. Indigo Sparke – alt/indie – (10 spins of “Golden Ribbons” off of the 2022 album “Hysteria”) Indigo Sparke is an Australian based artist that “writes with a rare and reflective power, creating music that builds and bursts as she examines love, loss, grief, and a newly realized rage,” according to her Spotify. Born in Australia and now based in New York, Indigo established herself in the Sydney music scene with her 2016 EP “Night Bloom.” She has toured with Big Thief, had a song featured on the TV show Cloudy River, and performed across Australia and the U.S.

7. Samia – alt/indie – (7 spins of “Mad at Me” off of the 2022 single release “Mad at Me”) Samia is an alternative pop singer who has been making music since 2017 and has a new album, “Honey” that came out last week. “Mad At Me” is the second single off the new album, and discusses worries she has after a fight with a significant other. With not a lot of information on her, Samia keeps her mysterious identity to her music.


8. SZA – r&b – (6 spins of “Ghost in the Machine ft. Phoebe Bridgers” off of the 2020 album “SOS”) SZA, real name being Solána Imani Rowe, is one of the most influential R&B singers right now. SZA’s Spotify explains that she “has set herself apart with a vulnerable and casually poetic songwriting style and a voice conveying a multitude of emotions with subtle twists and turns. She established herself with a trio of spaced-out EPs and collaborations with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. She continued her ascent with Ctrl (2017), a Top Ten album that resulted in five Grammy nominations, including Best New Artist.”

“Ghost in the Machine” is the twelfth track on the album and features indie singer Phoebe Bridgers. The song explores how SZA’s growing contempt of the music industry “machine” she finds herself in. Frustrated, she is looking for her partner to offer her an escape from her situation, even if temporary.

9. Mia Gladstone – hip hop/rap – (6 spins of “WHEN I THINK TOO MUCH I GET SICK TO MY STOMACH” off of the 2022 album “LOOPY”) Mia Gladstone “fearlessly challenges the norms of society, making music that is as empowering as it is relatable,” according to OutLoud Culture. Gladstone explains that, “ever since I can remember, music has been at the forefront of my daily life and it’s been my greatest joy. I’ve always loved listening to music, singing, writing, playing, and it was just like this natural evolution that my parents really empowered growing up.”

“WHEN I THINK TOO MUCH I GET STICK TO MY STOMACH,” is the ninth track off of the sophomore album, and describes remembering an old love – and how awful it was.

10. zzzahara – alt/indie – (5 spins of “julia” off of the 2022 album, “liminal spaces”) zzzahara, the solo moniker of Eyedress/Simps/U.S. Velvet guitarist Zahara Jaime, explains on their Spotify that “plenty of people come to Los Angeles looking to make their California dreams a reality.” But zzzahara has always been here, turning reality into a dream.” “liminal spaces” was zzzahara’s debut album, which is “a collection of songs about queerness, love, lust, absurdism and feeling lost that trace their stylistic and emotional evolution from childhood through to the present day,” according to Lex Records.

“julia” is the eighth track off the album, and most popular single, with zzzahara explaining to Lex Records that, “‘Julia’ is one of the first songs I ever wrote. One of those where I knew I had nailed the chord progression. I was in high school and the pressure was on because our school’s, ‘battle of the bands,’ was taking place in a few weeks. My high school was on a track system so track’s B and C were in session that semester. I was in track B and the girl I sort of liked was in track C. I say sort of because she could never make up her mind about me. It was really annoying. I knew she was performing at the battle of the bands show so I decided to get to writing!”