Twists on classic hits with Triple J’s ‘Like A Version’

This week KCSU podcast “The Mastercast” looks at the Australian smash hit “Like A Version” from youth radio station Triple J.


Marie Tanksley, Podcast Director


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“Like a Version”

This weekly music podcast is actually a recorded segment that is performed live on the Australian radio station Triple J. It was created by Mel Bampton for his show “Mel in the Morning” in 2004.

Every set has artists, both international and local, play two songs, one of their own and a cover of someone else’s in their own style (or version). It’s similar to BBC’s “Radio 1’s Live Lounge” sets and Irish Today FM’s “Even Better Than the Real Thing.” The name is also said to be a play on “Like a Virgin” Madonna’s 1984 album.

Originally these performances were acoustic, but the style has since developed to include all sorts of music. The show’s wide popularity has led to CDs as well as some of the covers making it onto the Triple J Hottest 100.

It is also a podcast on most podcast players but a playlist on Spotify. While most sets can be found on Triple J’s website as well as their YouTube channel, the online archive doesn’t go back further than August 2006.

Like most cover songs, you have to take the good with the bad. While there are some incredibly well-done ones, there are also misfires. I really enjoy when bands really try to cover a song in their own style instead of as close as they can to the original. It is like a version after all.

Apple Podcasts has 4.6 stars and 32 Ratings. So far there are 577 episodes currently available with new ones coming out every Thursday, and on average they last about 20 minutes.

OwlTail’s most popular isn’t working for this podcast, but my favorites are almost too hard to pick. I adore the CHVRCHES cover of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘LOVE’ (their ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ is also amazing), and Meg Mac’s ‘Let it Happen’ originally done by Tame Impala. Those are just two of the many stunning songs. Seriously, all worthy of checking out, but again some are better than others.

No swears for this one but the nature of songs can vary. Side note: Triple J does another brilliant segment called “Bars of Steel” that features rappers and is worth checking out (I recommend A.Girl’s set).

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This week’s music was a song by Colorado Springs artist Violet Wish. The song featured was “Freefall,” which is a song from Wish’s soon-to-be-released debut album “Long Distance,” which is set to drop May 28! You can also find them on Soundcloud and Bandcamp @violet wish and on Instagram @ violet_wish_music. Their contact will also be in the show notes.

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Music Attributions:

Artist: Violent Wish
Song: “Freefall”
Soundcloud and Bandcamp @violet wish
Instagram: @violet_wish_music