Ghastly crimes with Michelle Pense in ‘The Crime Shack’

In this week’s episode of “The Mastercast,” Marie Tanksley covers true crime podcast “The Crime Shack.”


Marie Tanksley, Podcast Director


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“The Crime Shack”

Airing in November 2019, this independent true-crime podcast belongs on the list of best true crime podcasts, and it is more than worth it to become a Patreon. There are few cases I hear that can make me stop what I’m doing and throw my hands up, but this podcast has had me doing it multiple times.

Solo host Michelle Pense has a brilliant radio voice that she couples with professional sound quality and editing. You might recognize her from her very successful TikTok @shellzcrimeshack where she covers crime in short videos.

The podcast is the perfect blend of facts and the tiniest bit of commentary. It covers a range of crimes, including recent ones I hadn’t heard of. No tangents and completely possible to spend a weekend lost in bingeing this show.

So far there are 19 episodes, with new ones coming out monthly. On average they are about 40 minutes long. Episodes include chilling 911 calls as well as audio from interrogations with investigators.

OwlTail’s most popular episode according to the number of listens are EP06: Geza de Kaplany “The Acid Doctor” and EP05: “Christy Sheats and Cynthia Kessler Collier: Maternal Instincts.” I also found episode 5 as well as EP15: “The Strange Murder of Robert Eric Wone” to be especially intriguing.

There is some mispronunciation of names in the Murdaugh episode, but it didn’t bother me at all. That’s the only episode I heard anything wrong with.

The sponsors of the podcast are personal safety items like alarms and pepper spray, which is fitting.

I love the website! It includes the blog with pictures from each episode, sources, transcripts, a place for case suggestions and the merch store. The retro sweatshirt design is iconic, and we love to see sources and transcripts.

Apple Podcasts has 4.7 stars, 107 ratings and 16 written reviews. Music is short and inquisitive. Trigger warnings are included in the show but often cover crimes against children as well as sexual violence.

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