Understanding Hughes land history, Regan shooter to be released

Understanding Hughes land history, Regan shooter to be released

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This episode from September 28 includes information on Fort Collins pandemic response feedback, John Hinckley’s release, Elizabeth Holmes’ trial and more.

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Ellie Shannon explains updates in Colorado State University campus news, and Ivy Winfrey discusses how residents can give feedback on how the City uses COVID-19 resources. After that, Eliza Drotar updates listeners on CSU’s athletics, and then you’ll be hearing the second part of a conversation between Winfrey and Doreen Martinez about the context behind the Hughes Land Back initiative.

Then, Kota Babcock tells listeners about the planned release of John Hinckley. In 1981, Hinckley attempted to assassinate former President Ronald Regan. KCSU features the most recent episode of “Painting the Corners with Anton Schindler,” in which Schindler explains the origins of baseball.

Babcock gives new information on COVID-19 statistics. Then he explains a new controversy in the Elizabeth Holmes trial. Winfrey explains how a hamster is outperforming Warren Buffett in the cryptocurrency trade.