Local band Skydyed is hitting the mainstages

Nicole Beale

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If you haven’t heard of Skydyed yet, you will from now on. Local to Fort Collins, this three-pieced band is beginning to make a name for themselves. Skydyed consists of roots deriving from rock, funk and jazz. They pride themselves on having a diverse and groovy sound that keeps their music interesting and fun. They have only been around for a year and are already on the rise, opening up for bands like RJD2 and Sunsquabi.

The band features Andrew Slattery on bass synths and bass guitar, Max Doucette on guitar and synths/keys and Shane Eagen on drums.

Local to Fort Collins, this is a band to keep your eye on and support! Lots coming up from these guys!

Listen to the in-studio interview below.

      Skydyed Interviewedited