Weekly News Roundup: April 3, 2015


Here is your weekly news roundup for the week of March 30th – April 3rd.

United States jobs data for March, released today, indicates the weakest job growth since 2013. Just 126,000 jobs were created, a stark contrast to the predicted 245,000. Economists say that this data may indicate that the weak economic activity “could be more fundamental rather than the result of transitory factors.” As a result the dollar fell from it’s already two-week low today.

Kenyans today are recovering after members of the militant Islamist group Al Shabab shot and killed at least 147 people and wounded 79 others at Garissa University College. The death toll is expected to rise. The attack lasted 15 hours before the four gunmen were finally killed. The town is under dusk-to-dawn curfew and the town’s Catholic Church remains closed today. President Barack Obama denounced the attacks. The United States will continue to provide support to the Kenyan government against Al Shabab.

A review of the flight data recovered from the black box of Germanwings Flight 9525 indicates that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz manually increased the speed of descent of the airplane. This is just the latest evidence in a tragic investigation into the motivations of the co-pilot, who intentionally crashed the plane into the French Alps last week. The investigation has shown that Lubitz was battling medical issues, which could have caused him to lose his pilot’s license. Investigators have cited this as a potential motivation for crashing the plane.

Loveland police are still trying to identify a white male with red hair who robbed a bank in Loveland Wednesday evening. The suspect robbed a First National Bank on Lincoln Avenue wearing black clothing and a dark baseball hat. Persons with information regarding the robbery are encouraged to contact the Loveland Police Department.

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