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KCSU Off-Air Over Winter Break

LSC Building Outage Starts December 16th

The Lory Student Center (LSC), the building that houses the KCSU studio and broadcast, will be undergoing major electrical installation and upgrades that will impact power to the building.

For KCSU, this means that the entire broadcast, including the stream and app, will be shut down for the majority of winter break, starting late the evening of December 16th. KCSU aims to begin operating again on January 12th.

The only LSC businesses open in the building, with limited access and power, are the CSU Bookstore and CSU Transit Center, both of which are accessible at the LSC North Entrance.

Thankfully, and THANKS TO OUR GENEROUS DONORS + a successful DJ-Athon, KCSU has been able to purchase the upgraded equipment we need. The risk of having equipment failure has been properly mitigated.

The KCSU management and engineering team are strongly hoping that being off air for extended time will not damage anything else in our equipment stack and intend to keep the community posted with updates as they happen. We have taken the necessary precautions for being off air for almost a month and have been working with the LSC electrician to make sure that KCSU will be properly tended to on all fronts.

If you have additional questions regarding the KCSU Winter Break Outage, please see the Q&A below.

KCSU Winter Break Outage Q&A

Why is the LSC shutting the power off?

  • Upgrading and replacing the electrical infrastructure is the final piece of the Lory Student Center Revitalization Project. The Winter Break Outage is the final planned outage the building needs to safely finish construction.

How long will KCSU be off-air?

  • KCSU staff will be shutting down the broadcast late on December 16th. The LSC anticipates having everything completed and plans a public re-opening on January 12th, assuming there are no complications with the construction. KCSU staff will then have access to the building and can resume the broadcast.

Is there a risk of damage to the KCSU equipment?

  • Thankfully, the same equipment can’t break twice and we have replaced what we need to in our equipment stack to ensure a healthy broadcast (GIVE IT UP FOR OUR INCREDIBLE DONORS!!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE!!!)
  • The two areas of concern are:
    • Power surges (which should be taken care of by the LSC electricians) and
    • A potential memory wipe caused by the extended outage/shutdown time.
  • We are in the process of replacing our studio boards, since they are (currently) the oldest piece of equipment we have and are unable to broadcast without them.
  • KCSU staff is doing everything we can to make sure nothing bad happens to our equipment, and really REALLY hoping everything restarts like we anticipate it to.

What will I hear if I tune in to 90.5-FM?

  • Nothing. The broadcast should be “radio silent” since we are not sending a signal from our operation point.
  • If you hear programming, especially if it does not sound like the KCSU broadcast, please contact (970) 538-7170 or email immediately.

Can I still listen online?

  • Sadly no, the entire base of KCSU operations is tied to the same power circuit as the whole LSC building (with the exception of the LSC theater on it’s own power circuit. KCSU Management did check to see if we could move to this circuit and informed it’s not possible).
  • Without power, we are unable to broadcast anything, including our digital broadcast.

Are there Other Sources of Music/KCSU Content?

  • Yes! We have tons of content available on our website from this semester to listen to including PodcastsMusic RecapsNews, and Sports Programing, to name a few 😉
  • We also have curated Spotify playlists from our favorite tunes available under @kcsufm

Will I be able to advertise on KCSU?

  • Yes, you can still advertise digitally with KCSU on other, non-broadcast, platforms. Email for inquiries and services.

Can I book the KCSU production studio?

  • Sadly no. The KCSU production studio is also located in the LSC, right next door to our on-air studio. We will be suspending our physical service operations including studio bookings and DJ services during this time.
  • Interested in booking next semester? Email

Can I still get into the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corp. (RMSMC) Office Spaces?

  • No. Entrance to the building will be blocked off, with the exception of the LSC North Entrance (next to the CSU Transit Center). The CSU Bookstore will be open, but the rest of the building will remain closed.
  • The whole building will be closed from December 24th  – January 7th.

Are other Student Media Offices affected?

  • Yes, everything in Student Media based in the LSC is pausing operations over break.
  • This includes the Collegian, College Ave, Fifty03 (formerly SVP), Tree Stump Films, CSU Life, and CTV.

If the physical office is closed, what is the best way to contact staff?

  • Great question! While the KCSU students are away enjoying the break from school, the RMSMC Professional staff is working remotely through Winter Break. There may be some delays in responding to your message(s).
  • Please see the Corporate Page if you are looking to contact a specific department.