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Get ready for DJ-ATHON 2023

Join us in kick off our very first station games for this semester’s fundraiser for KCSU!

DJ-Athon, KCSU’s bi-annual fundraiser, kicks off NEXT WEEK! KCSU DJs will pack the station all week long in celebration of college radio & the importance of KCSU. Please consider donating to us to help support the future of journalism and radio.


On November 6 – 10, KCSU will be hosting our bi-annual fundraising event, DJ-Athon!. Many of our DJs, staff and volunteers are in the studio from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. each day hosting shows and making pitches on air to raise money for our station. This culminates in a 24 hour “lock-in” live broadcast on Friday-Saturday morning; our final fundraising day!


DJ-Athon helps support the future of CSU’s college radio and helps our ability to fund future student projects (and food for our volunteers)! KCSU, and our parent organization, Rocky Mountain Student Media, are independent organizations from CSU. ALL donations help fund KCSU as an independent radio station by helping with large equipment purchases, station upkeep, and providing our students the resources to learn more about broadcast radio, DJing, podcasting, news broadcasts, journalism and helping them prepare for their future careers.


Our mission would not be possible without the contributions of our donors. Thank you all, we appreciate your generous support.


Station Games – Fall 2023!

For this year’s DJ-athon celebration, each DJ will be part of a team that represents the colors of the KCSU logo: pink, yellow, blue, and green! These DJs will be trying their best to pitch why their team is the best – and the importance of donating towards the RMSMC!


Each day of DJ-athon, we will have a leaderboard posted on our website keeping track of the donations that we see, and which team is in the lead! If you’re interested in supporting a team, be sure to let us know! Each Club 905 member will receive a baseball t-shirt this semester based on the team they supported.


What is Club 905?

Club 905 is our exclusive donor program for those who donate at least $90.50 per year (or enroll in giving $7.50 monthly). With any payment of $90.50 or more, you automatically join Club 905! As a thank you for your generosity, Club 905 donors receive a “thank you” package from KCSU, which includes a KCSU t-shirt and a handwritten thank you card from our DJs.


Our Club 905 donors are also added to our monthly newsletter and receive updates on what’s going on at KCSU, which includes information about our concert ticket giveaways.

Where to find us and donate!


If you’re interested in donating to the future of RMSMC, you can check out our donation page, which can also be found on or donating to our venmo account @kcsufm!


Your contribution helps support and benefit the future of student journalism! For more information about DJ-athon, Club 905, or other ways to donate, text 970-538-5278 or email We appreciate any and all donations <3


Our mission and goal


The goal of the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation is to “provide a top-quality educational experience for CSU students in mass communications and business leadership, and to provide an effective medium for student communication on campus and beyond.”


At KCSU, our live DJ-based broadcast is a source of entertainment and information for many across the front range, with our signal reaching the communities of Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley to help promote this idea to our communities.


Listeners can tune in from around the globe using the livestream located on our website. At KCSU, our mission is to continue to educate and provide opportunities and resources for students interested in communication, media and journalism, which we find very important!


KCSU is an independently owned non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with the mission to provide opportunities and resources to students interested in media, communication, and journalism. Students can gain valuable skills in media, radio, public speaking, and more! If you would like to donate to our mission and support the future of college media, consider donating!


We appreciate your time and all support towards KCSU and RMSMC. Thank you 🙂