Diving into KCSU’s Podcast Department


Stephanie Kiel

Editor’s note: KCSU does not support Kanye West, his label or his actions.


What’s your name: Matt Gusmerotti

Where are you from: Burlington county, New Jersey

Preferred pronouns:He/him his

Pineapple on Pizza?: Hell no 🙂

Your Favorite musician: Kanye West

Favorite thing to do in Fort Collins: Going on hikes at horsetooth, hanging by the water, driving around in fort collins. Being outside, eating at local restaurants

What does your position at KCSU do?

I am the podcast director and my department oversees all of the podcasts like student podcasts or inhouse podcasts.  I meet with people about their podcasts and help with editing and production. I train our people and volunteers to hopefully move them into staff positions.

What podcasts are currently being produced at KCSU?

We have podcasts about history, sports, news, pop culture, and professional interview podcasts with bands or solo artists. 

What do you want people to know about your job or making podcasts?

It’s not as easy as people make it out to be. You need to be a jack of all trades and definitely a people person. 

Was there a time where a podcast was more difficult than expected to produce?

Absolutely. This happens a fair amount of time actually. A lot goes into the editing and recording process and especially when there are a lot of people involved in the communication efforts for the project, things can get confusing and that’s where the laundry lists of “I want’s” come out. 

What makes a good podcast?

Passionate people, you don’t want to listen to someone who doesn’t want to talk about what they are talking about. Anyone who goes the extra mile with their research and writing can make a good podcast.

How can people get involved with making podcasts?

Go to kcsufm.com/training. Or come to the station and ask for me or any of the other staff members to see what it takes to make a podcast.

What are your goals and aspirations after you leave CSU? 

I want to get into sports broadcasting; specifically baseball. I feel that my experiences here at KCSU will help transcend my abilities in the future. I have always wanted to get into radio and I still want to be involved in the future. If that doesn’t work out I’ll go be a bum somewhere.

Any Final thoughts?

I’d like to thank CSU, KCSU and RMSMC for the possibility of being a student employee for KCSU/RMSMC and finding my hopeful career niche in Podcasting and Pre-produced radio content. When I was younger I wanted to play baseball professionally and once I realized I couldn’t do that, I wanted to be able to stay in and around the game/sport I love and podcasting and radio production has allowed me to realize that this is what I want to do with my life.