Ep. 5: R&B vs World

Ep. 5: R&B vs World

Julia Battagliese

On this episode of Pass the Aux, Lena and Mia discuss the differences and similarities to the vastly different genres that are R&B and World. Both recognize the inequalities in the world and attempt to make sense of it in their own ways (and their own languages). Their conversation changes early on from the music to our place in the world as Americans.

Listen in for a brief “paranormal experience” that accompanies us in our music discovery. [learn_more caption=”Music in this episode”]Et år By Barcelona

Normal Girl by SZA

Tu Ma Promis by Monsieur Periné

Hold Me Down by Daniel Caesar

The Coffee Cola Song by Francis Bebey

She Don’t Really Care_1 Luv by Alicia Keys

Good Luck by Shintaro Sakamoto

Consideration by Rhianna ft SZA

Death Has Fallen In Love by Mads Langer

He Can Only Hold Her by Amy Winehouse