Season 5 EP2: Ted Bundy Part 4


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Theodore Robert Bundy was an American serial killer active from 1974-1978. Bundy would become notorious due to his ability to manipulate those around him into believing he was nothing more than a prospective law student who wanted to make the world a better place. Bundy would kill over 30 women during his time as an active serial killer and his famous court case would be the first court case to be publicized on national television. Bundy remains one of the most intriguing serial killers in the United States because of his ability to make audiences fall in love with him with one small smirk. But underneath the preppy law school student facade lies the deceptive mind of a mass murderer. Was Bundy truly one of the most brilliant serial killers in the U.S.? Or did he make mistakes constantly and because the advancements in forensic technology hadn’t reached their peak he was able to slip through unnoticed?