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Do you like serial killers? Have a weird obsession with Law and Order SVU? Do you watch forensic files for 5 hours at a time with popcorn? Feed your true crime addiction with your hosts Randi and Claire on the KCSU podcast, Killer Vibes. Each episode dives deep into local cases, to unsolved mysteries, to famous cases, every true crime fan knows and loves.

Bundy Sources

“The Stranger Beside Me” Ann Rule

[learn_more caption=”Crime and Trials”] (Donna Manson) (Manson) (Victim list, not complete) (confirmed survivors) (Utah search, 1989) (CNN video on confession) (partial confession, opening with Georgann Hawkins) (List of confessed murders) (Bundy Effect) (disorder study) (Debbie Kent’s confirmed connection)

Girl hitchhiking home from Nederland high school tied up and murdered (Another Utah murder Susan Curtis, not in the book or on the site) (Susan Curtis in detail, last confession) (Bundy takes the stand in Florida Trial for the murder of Lisa and Margaret) (I’ll plead not guilty right now statement, video) (Newsreel of Florida events, video)[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Other Victims”] (Lynette Culver ID) (Martha Morrison) (Baker) (Carol Ann Boone) (Debbie Smith, no)[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”His Final Interview”][/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Elizabeth Kloepher”] (phone interview; 12 minutes)

This picture of Ted Bundy was taken on Taylor Mountain, an area where he would often take his victim’s dead bodies to have sex with them.
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Golden State Killer Sources

[learn_more caption=”Sources”]

“I’ll be Gone in the Dark” By Michelle McNamara “Evil has a Name” By Paul Holes

“Golden State Killer: It’s Not Over” – Documentary

html [/learn_more]