Season 2 EP3: The Hall and Mills Murders Part 2


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Is true love worth dying for?

On Sept. 16, 1922, in Somerset, New Jersey the bodies of Eleanor Mills and Edward Hall were discovered possed under a crab apple tree. Eleanor’s hand had been placed on top of Edward’s knee and Edward’s hand placed behind Eleanor’s head. 

Scattered around the bodies were torn up love letters each written by the star-crossed lovers. Eleanor and Edward were both married and the affair had lasted almost two years.

But as the case unfolded the love affair was anything but secret and Edward’s wife might have known more than she originally stated to police.

Eleanor Mills and Edward Hall were found underneath a crab apple tree in Sept. 1922.
The Pig Woman testifies in court while still lying in her hospital bed.
Members of the Somerset community take pieces from the tree where the bodies of Eleanor and Edward were found under.