Episode 04: The Methodology Behind CSU’s Methane Mapping Project


Freelance Producer

On this episode, I sit down with Joe Von Fischer a Professor of Biology & Zach Weller an Assistant Professor in Statistics at Colorado State. Both Joe and Zach have been working on a project with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Google Earth Outreach to pinpoint climate pollution in metropolitan cities. Their mission with this project is it to establish faster and cheaper ways to find and assess methane leaks under city streets. Their approach has been tested in a dozen cities across the U.S. and today on the show they will be talking about how their project came to fruition and how they created their innovative method in quantifying methane leaks in urban areas. Along with their research, we will dive into a personal conversation about both researcher’s explorative attitudes and how they’ve evolved into prevalent game changers in measuring natural gas leaks across the country.