Is “The Walking Dead” Out Of Ideas?


Laurelle Turner

On this episode of the “Poppin’ Things Podcast” Alec, Chapman and Nicole discuss the “The Walking Dead,” Vine, Skyrim and much more!

Chapman Croskell, Alec Erikson and Nicole Conklin can be reached on Twitter at @Nescwick, @CTV_Ace and @NicoleConklin6 or @CSUCollegian

Intro and outro music produced by Joshua Horner.

Vine is dead –…twitter-shutdown
Skyrim Remastered –…x-One-Remastered
Tim Miller leaves Deadpool 2 –…-sony-942661
Donald Glover cast as Lando –…s-film-w446267
Pokemon –…-halloween-event/
Walking Dead Season 7 –…ere/#3249393b7f1e