FoCoMX Review: Stephanie Vosicka


FoCoMX Logo 2015


Artist: Post Paradise

Post Paradise        Bringing a fresh new twist on alternative music with a strong emphasis on incorporating the cello, Post Paradise is as enticing live as they are from their latest album Bring It To Life (Side A). With a cultural background from: Colorado Springs, Florida, and New York, the band brings a whole melting pot of emotion and passion into their work. With rugged vocals that remind you of a lower pitched version of Fall Out Boy, along side the guitar and drums, which bring a feeling of classic rock, it’s the cello that steals your heart and makes Post Paradise unique. Despite starting as the opening act to kick off FoCoMX at Hodi’s Half Note at 6:30pm, it was pretty packed and Post Paradise had the crowd head nodding to some of their popular hits from their album Side A such as “Generator” and “Ordinary”. The band also played one of their songs from their anticipated album Side B and the crowd absolutely loved it. They should soon expect a greater following because of their genuine passion for creating music along side the amazing vocals and cello that make up the identity for Post Paradise.