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Fort Collins' Fierce Bad Rabbit new album influenced by Arcade Fire

Fierce Bad Rabbit’s new album Spools of Thread

There is a reason why people are proud to be a Fort Collins’ local; we have some awesome stuff come out of this town. Maybe it’s because I’m already in weekend mode, but the thought of a cold Red Hoptober in my hand couldn’t sound better.

Or maybe it’s because I’ve spent the last few days listening to the new album from local band Fierce Bad Rabbit. If anything makes me proud to live in Fort Collins, it’s these folks.

Formed by front man Chris Anderson in 2009, the band is a collaboration of artists from such Colorado acts as Stella Luce and Arliss Nancy. Together, these four absolutely rock it on their sophomore album Spools of Thread.

With 15 solid tracks, they aren’t kidding around either. There is something important about a full-length LP that many local artists have forgotten about. Spools of Thread reminds us of that.

According to the band’s website,, their influences include Arcade Fire, the Shins and Waylon Jennings. Add in a little Modest Mouse, the Killers and Airborne Toxic Event and I can’t think of a better way to explain their sound.

If you are familiar with the artists above, then you know this musical concoction is worth more than a listen.

But don’t for a second think that they sound like everyone else; they own their style in a way that is rare for such a fairly new group.

Starting off with a quite and wordless violin opening that moves into dancy folk tunes, a tinkley male and female piano duet, trumpet blares and guitar plucks, the album concludes with the lyrics “One day we will stop and say, well everything was all ok.”

For these four, that day is now.