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Mock NFL Draft Picks

Mock NFL Draft Picks

Posted By on Apr 25, 2019

The NFL Draft takes place tonight! Can Nick Baker, Dixon Lawson, Jack Cowley and Cory Odom shed some light on the draft? They sure will try! Check out their mock drafts below. NickDixonJackCory ARIQuinnen Williams, IDLKyler Murray, QBKyler Murray, QBKyler Murray, QBSFNick Bosa, EDGENick Bosa, EDGENick Bosa, EDGENick Bosa, EDGENYJJosh Allen, EDGEBrian Burns, EDGEJosh Allen, EDGEJosh Allen, EDGEOAKDevin White, LBD.K. Metcalf, WRQuinnen...

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