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By Zay Reyes | January 29th, 2018 FORT COLLINS — Clashing xylophones, the bellows of kids screaming, combined with water trickling down the statue of eagles sets the stage for many casual pianists in Fort Collins. Pianos can be found downtown and other various locations in the city thanks to the Bohemian Foundation and other charitable organizations, but the piano in the heart of downtown by our ice skating rink is for all intents and...

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September 2017 marked KCSU’s first ever Free PSA Month, with a total of 5 clubs/organizations around campus collaborating with us. These clubs/organizations included: RamEvents, Chess Club, Rotaract Club, Triathlon Club, and OnSpec. PSAs are Public Service Announcements used to inform the public about occurrences and entities for CSU or Northern Colorado listeners. With the Free PSA month, all CSU organizations were given the...

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