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DJ Metcalf’s Top Albums of 2019


Apollo XXI -Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy is like the new Prince. I thought the album was kinda weird in the first listen, but it’s grown on me, and songs like “Like Me” and “Basement Jack” are really good.


Igor- Tyler the Creator

I like how this album tells a story from start to finish. It tells how Tyler falls in love with Igor and then the romance is ruined and Tyler is depressed by the end. A good listen all the way through.


Mirrorland- Earthgang

Earthgang is one of the most unique hip hop groups out there right now. This album is making in some areas but on the whole, was pretty good.


Social cues- Cage the Elephant

I love the direction that Cage the Elephant took with this album. It still has their classic sound with a new twist. Plus a feature by Beck on the album makes it that much better.


Pick You Up- Foster the People

This is technically an EP and not an album, but still is a good one. They were definitely trying to make a more pop album, which I wasn’t really a fan of, but their song imagination slaps.


Freddy Gibbs and Madlib- Bandana

One of the best producers in hip hop history is Madlib, and he linked up with the most versatile rapper of the last decade, Freddy Gibbs. Everything in this album is on point, from the samples to lyrics and themes. The song with Anderson Paak is an instant classic. Freddy Gibbs with Madlib never disappoints.