The 1990’s: KCSU Becomes Aquatic!

In the summer of 1997, northern Colorado was hit with a flood that destroyed much of CSU- including the radio station. About one quarter of the music library was destroyed, meaning old recordings of KCSU broadcasts were lost forever. The station had to relocate to the old Fort Collins High School building that Colorado State University eventually bought  and is now the University Center for the Arts.

The students of KCSU took the flood as a fresh start to build a brand-new station, and work out all the issues before broadcasting. In addition, they could build a more efficient station to incorporate the technology of the ‘90’s. Having a temporary station meant that they were still able to broadcast while making the changes.

Within a few months, KCSU had started paying the DJ’s allowing for a more structured radio program to cater to college audiences and getting the DJ’s to work regular hours more frequently and allow creativity with the programs they ran. Although they were still running out of the old Fort Collins High School, the changes were making a huge difference to KCSU, and prepared them for the move back to main campus.

In January of 1999, KCSU and other media of CSU moved back to the Lory Student Center. With new equipment and a new facility, everyone was ready to be back to campus after a long two years of waiting on the completion of the build. It was the fresh start KCSU was waiting for, which built the station that CSU recognizes today.