The 1970’s: The Aggies Strike Back

The 1970’s was a fresh start for KCSU, with new equipment and the move to the basement of the Student Center, in the heart of campus. Getting a new receiver for the station boosted their status and attracted  Northern Colorado listeners. They also transitioned to an FM transmitter, which produced better quality sound and broadcasted at a greater distance, the popularity of the station grew tenfold.

In 1972, nine members of the radio station went on strike because KCSU was once again not reaching their potential in educational programming and became more of a popularity contest against other local radios. Eventually an agreement was made between the striking staff and the general manager to focus on more educational programming while providing popular music to boost listenership in the Fort Collins area.

More programs such as ones aimed at young children were developed to increase listenership and give the youth of the community access to the radio that their parents listen to such as program reading of J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit.