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A Homecoming Win for CSU Football

A week after a brutal loss in Logan, Utah to the Utah State Aggies, the Rams played the Boise State Broncos in an instant classic win, 31-30, for the Rams first win against the Boise State program for Homecoming weekend 2023.
Cait Mckinzie (The Collegian)
Photo by Cait Mckinzie (The Collegian)

FORT COLLINS, CO- A week after a brutal loss in Logan, Utah to the Utah State Aggies, the Rams played the Boise State Broncos in an instant classic win, 31-30, for the Rams first win against the Boise State program for Homecoming weekend 2023.

It was a brutal showing from the Colorado State Rams a week ago in their fifth game of the year, losing 44-24 in what started out looking like a very lopsided game for CSU, starting out 17-0. That would not last long, as Utah State dominated CSU offensively and defensively in a game that saw Tory Horton and Mo Kamara go down with injuries, and 639 yards of offense allowed by the Rams. The story of the Ram’s homecoming game was much the same for 3 ½ quarters as well.

The Ram’s defense played tough, creating opportune drives for the offense with 3 first-half turnovers, 2 interceptions coming from Henry Blackburn and Chigozie Anusiem, and a fumble recovery from Buom Jock. These key plays were shadowed by a complete lack of run defense, as the Rams gave up 177 rushing yards in the first half that led to the Broncos going up 17-0 quickly, but not without lack of effort on the defensive side of the ball that we did not see as much a week before.

The same cannot be said about the offense of the Rams, which was lackluster and sloppy for all of the first half. Aside from a final drive of the half that went 8 plays, and 45 yards, the Rams had absolutely nothing connecting for them through the air, and the run game was not giving the Rams any spark. Overall a majorly lackluster performance capped with a blocked field goal to end the second half for the Rams, who remained scoreless, and cleared the 5th largest crowd in Canvas stadium out of the stands.

The Rams offense ignited in the second half, coming after a three and out and going down the field in 10 plays for a five yard touchdown run from Vann Schield. The offensive fire continued for another drive, with a big completion to Dylan Goffney to set up the Rams for a field goal to bring the game to 10-17. Kennedy McDowell was seriously injured on a questionable hit on kickoff, and was transported to the hospital for further evaluation, and has now been released and his scans came back clear. Kennedy was a rallying point for the team for the rest of the game, who wanted to win for him.

This momentum was slowed down immediately in the 4th, as the Broncos hit a field goal to bring the game 20-10 Boise State. The offensive strengths seen in the third quarter didn’t translate to the 4th, as the same offensive team that we saw in the first half seemed to come back, with long Ram drives that ate clock and did not turn in a play to set the Rams up in to scoring position, Boise State drives that ate clock and turned in to points, with another Bronco drive resulting in a field goal. To make matters worse, another Ram drive started and ended on the first play, with a Brayden Fowler Nicolosi pick at the Rams 28 yard line that led to a quick score for the Boise State Broncos to lead the game to 30-10. The game looked to be closing out, with all the momentum going the Broncos way and the stands almost completely cleared at this point, and I had resided and marked the game up as another Rams loss on the season.

Where my mistake has been was not believing in the resilience and Ram grit of the CSU football team. The Rams had not given up despite Brayden Fowler Nicolosi’s struggles, and the offense’s inability to make a play happen. The team suddenly reset, and that same fire we had seen the Rams have before in the season was back. The Rams received the kickoff, and went 75 yards down the field in five passing completions in two minutes for a Louis Brown IV 12 yard touchdown. Then, the Rams successfully kicked an onside kick, and went 38 yards in another successful two minute drill ending in a Dylan Goffney two yard touchdown. 30-24 Broncos. They attempted another onside kick and were successful, but it was taken from them from an illegal formation penalty. The defense came up with a huge stop and a three and out that took a minute and a half off the clock and left the Rams with no timeouts, 33 seconds left, and 88 yards to get to the endzone.

This was just enough time for the Rams, as Brayden Fowler Nicolosi completed 2 passes, an 11 yarder to Dylan Goffney and a 44 yarder to Tory Horton to set the Rams up on the Boise 33 yard line for one final attempt to score. A hail mary was thrown to the right side of the endzone, where it was batted into the hands of Dallin Holker for the Rams touchdown. 30-30. An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was given to the Rams and moved the extra point back 15 yards, from an easy chip shot to a not so sure game winner. Jordan Noyes, for the last play of the game, kicked the extra point successfully, completing the Rams comeback win, 31-30.

The amazing Rams victory was celebrated on the field, as the remaining Ram fans, myself included, rushed the field to celebrate with the team. The amazing victory truly encapsulated the Rams team. Rams football is a gritty and resilient team. They may struggle and lose, but you can never count them out till that clock is 0:00 in the 4th. Jay Norvell and his program are building to something great, and you see it in every game. There is always a lesson within each and every game for the program, but we see improvement in each game that is leading to a Rams football program that has continued success each year. This game proves that, in both the struggles and issues in the start, but from those seeing learning, growth, and resilience towards striving for success. It was an amazing win for Coach Jay and the boys, and showed there is greatness rising for the Rams in the future.

The Rams go into week seven at three wins and three losses looking to continue winning and get to their first bowl game since 2014, almost 10 years ago. They will play the 5-1 UNLV Rebels in Las Vegas on 10/21 at 5 P.M.