Ram’s Softball falls 9-6 to Las Vegas under the bright lights

Despite a triumphant comeback midway through the game, the Rams lost Saturday’s game against University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Lady Rebels 9-6.


Jalyn McGuffin at bat in the game against UNLV. Photograph: Serena Bettis, CSU Collegian

Austen Meyers

Fort Collins, Colorado – The Rams celebrated their first night game at the newly renovated Rams Field, but fell to 9-6 to a streaky University of Nevada, Las Vegas team.

The festivities were abundant and the Rams were ready to unveil their newly renovated home this Saturday, with hopes to let the celebration continue. The Rebels came to the plate off a 2-1 series loss to Nevada and an extra-inning win over the rams 13-12 the previous day. The Rams hoped their bats would continue to stay hot for the debut night game in Fort Collins.

The beginning of the game proved that the Rebels would not back down. Their bats still had a spark from the night before. They were successful hit after hit – one of which included a costly error by CSU that would amount to three runs scored, including two unearned. This extended an already successful UNLV first inning, taking the score to 6-0.

Despite tedious efforts, the Rams lost Saturday’s game to UNLV, but had a come back and won Sunday’s game. Photograph: Serena Bettis, CSU Collegian.

The Rams battled back and scored two runs by the end of the third inning, including a solo homerun by Peyton Allen. At this point, the game was easing closer to what the Rams envisioned how it would end up in their opening night, with hopes of a comeback in reach.

A solo homerun by UNLV’s April Visser quickly took back the momentum in the final inning. This momentum carried UNLV upward in the next two innings, as a single from Sofia Morales made the game 9-2. This did not break the stalwart Rams, as they were prepared to give everything they had in the seventh.

Fans grew anxious in the hopes of a comeback while sitting in the new bleachers and grass behind home-plate. The lights grew stronger than ever, when CSU gave them something to cheer for in the final frame. Charged by a two-run blast from Hailey Smith, the stadium had new-found excitement with the lead dwindling to 9-5.

The next day, the Rams regained their spark and won against UNLV 8-5. The Rams currently stand at an 18-11 record with hopes to improve in 3-game series at San Jose State starting Thursday, April 6.

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