A well-worth experience: Sour Magic at the Atrium

Sour Magic performed an eclectic, psychedelic show at the Atrium. KCSU’s Ian Catcher reports.


Sour Magic took the audience to new heights at the Atrium. Photograph by Ian Catcher.

Ian Catcher

On Saturday, February 11, Denver-based Sour Magic played a set alongside Fort Collins local band Robot Tennis Club. The show took place at the Atrium – a beautiful venue full of psychedelic décor and lovely plants. Regrettably, I was unable to catch Robot Tennis Club’s act, however, the performance from Sour Magic was a well-worth experience.

For starters, the instrumentals were top-notch. The guitar melodies played incredibly well with each other and with the synth, which created a warm and exciting sound that just hit different. Speaking of the synth, the only comparison that can be made is to that of Pink Floyd. The keyboardist truly was able to bring the songs together with a pure electric and psychedelic sound. This was combined with the excellent rhythm and power created by the drummer, whose intense facial expressions embodied his work, creating a truly unique sound. One concertgoer interviewed after the show said that they “liked when the keyboard was like ‘wwwaaauuuwwwwhhw!’”

The crowd was particularly enamored by the band, with one listener saying they “enjoyed the energy that the band kept up the entire time.” There was non-stop dancing and throwing around of a single glowing balloon that must have hit everyone in the crowd at least once. One patron of the show was really into the music, running around the crowd bumping into people, break dancing, trying to start mosh pits and egging on the band with shouts and jeers. This man’s energy alone was able to get the band to play a one-song encore, which might have been the best song they played.

While Sour Magic only has two songs available on Spotify, they have a plethora of demos and unreleased tracks that can be heard on Soundcloud. The band anticipates dropping their first studio album sometime this year and you bet you will be able to hear it on KCSU.

More information on Sour Magic can be found on their website. More KCSU concert reviews in the Colorado area can be found here.