Ramblers Recap January 26

Here is your recap of the Ramblers show on Jan. 26 with DJ Webz and Eliza!


Euan Peart, Eliza Drotar

The Ramblers team talked about women’s basketball, men’s basketball, women’s swim & dive, and track & field teams and the things that have happened with those teams since last week’s Ramblers show.

Women’s Basketball: 1-1 since last show, now 13-6 overall and 6-2 in conference.

Men’s Basketball: 0-1 since last show, now 10-11 and 2-6 in conference.

Women’s Swim & Dive: 7-0-1 on the season and 3-0 in conference

Track & Field: Players to finish in the top 3 of their event and the event:

  • Lexie Keller second in the women’s 60-meter hurdles.
  • Drew Thompson second in men’s 60-meter hurdles.
  • Lexie Keller and Jordan Lanning first and second respectively in women’s high jump.
  • Rhys Travis second in men’s high jump.
  • Michaela Hawkins, Gabby Mcdonald, Kajsa Boorman in first, second and third respectively in women’s weight throw.
  • Mariano Kis first in men’s weight throw.
  • Celyn Stermer first in women’s pole vault.
  • Eldridge Harris and Sam Mrky second and third in men’s pole vault.
  • Taye Raymond and Jo-Anna Pinnock first and third in women’s long jump.
  • Allam Bushara first in men’s triple jump.
  • Mya Lesnar, Gabby McDonald, and Michaela Hawkins first, second and third in women’s shotput.
  • Mariano Kis first in men’s shotput.

This week’s player of the week was Destiny Thurman. Thurman, who wears #2, plays for the women’s basketball team. She earned this week’s player of the week with her 29 point, 6 assist and 6 three-pointer outing in the team’s 84-67 win against Nevada on January 19. As the second leading scorer for the team, Thurman has immense value for the team and makes the Rams perform much better every time she steps on the court.

In this week’s edition of the KCSU Sports Quiz, the Ramblers team hosted KCSU’s play-by-play announcer Kaleb Allen. Allen scored 20/21 on the quiz, answering every question besides “How many teams are there in MLS?” correctly. Allen is now officially in first place on the Sports Quiz Leaderboard.

This week, your hosts debated the topic: Are there too many swimming events? DJ Webz debated that there are too many swimming events while Eliza debated the opposite. DJ Webz brought up that there are 20 different swimming events at the Olympics, arguing that it is unfair that swimming gets that many while sports such as basketball only get the one event. Eliza argued that each event is valuable and if there’s too many swimming events, that would also mean there’s too many track events. Eventually, they winded down and DJ Webz admitted that he lost the debate.

For Eliza’s Ramblers Choice segment this week, the two Ramblers hosts talked through a top 25 list of sports movies. The two talked about movies like Rocky, A League of Their Own, Remember the Titans and Hoop Dreams. They talked about how the sports movies in the list impacted them and how they feel about sports movies in general.

For DJ Webz’ Ramblers Choice segment, the hosts started a new long-term segment called Fantasy Draft. In this segment, the two “draft” their own five-player teams of a category of living things, objects, concepts or something other than sports players. This week, the two had a pool of all animals to draft from. Eliza’s team was made up of the tiger, a soft-shell turtle, the platypus, the honey badger and the red slider turtle. A very diverse and agile group of animals. DJ Webz went with a team consisting of the killer whale, the grizzly bear, the silverback gorilla, the peregrine falcon and the arctic wolf. The two agreed that the teams would be parts of their own water polo teams. They also concluded that it is likely that the killer whale would probably squish the opposing team if they were in any man-made pool.

The Ramblers show is live every Thursday from 7-9 p.m. More information on all-things KCSU sports can be found here.