Soccer Mommy puts rhythm to emotions at Washington’s


Riley Rose, KCSU Music

By putting the audience’s thoughts and emotions into a song, Sophie Allison aka Soccer Mommy filled Washington’s with a moody energy. Last Friday, Soccer Mommy and TOPS took on Fort Collins, Colorado.

TOPS started the night off, creating a cool ’70s vibe. Every song glided seamlessly into the next, each one gradually more exciting than the last. The band’s songs were carefully crafted with intriguing elements in each of them, keeping the audience at a continuous level of high engagement. Their stage presence can be described as effortlessly chill, one that made the band very fun to watch. After seeing TOPS for the first time, they will most definitely be a repeat artist in my playlists from here on out.

Following the impressive opener, Soccer Mommy took the stage. There is one word to describe Allison – talented. Between her soulful lyrics, beautiful voice and absolute shredding on the guitar, Allison is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to musical talent. She started off her set with her song “Bones,” a hit from her most recent album “Sometimes, Forever.” The second verse’s lyrics, “You make me feel like I am whole again; But I think your heart could use a tourniquet; ‘Cause I’ve bled you out and patched you up again; Far too much to call it love,” resonated throughout the venue, putting a poetic look on a confusing relationship.

Later in the set, Allison excused the band from the stage to do two songs acoustically. She started with “Still Clean” off of her 2018 album titled “Clean.” To follow this heartfelt acoustic performance, the one-person Soccer Mommy show continued to play “newdemo” off of the newest album. Giving off a Phoebe Bridgers-oriented energy, Allison truly knows how to put emotions into words to leave a room speechless.

Soccer Mommy closed the night with “Yellow is the Color of Her Eyes.” But wait – there’s more! The band came back for two final songs, “Don’t Ask Me,” and finally, “Your Dog.” “Your Dog,” Soccer Mommy’s most popular song, ended the show with a bang. Undoubtedly their best song of the night, the last song filled the room with a face-paced excitement, leaving the audience on a high.
Soccer Mommy and TOPS filled Washington’s with a great energy last Friday, one that carried the audience for the rest of their night. If you missed them, Soccer Mommy continues their US and Australia tour for the upcoming months!

Upcoming shows, merch and more for Soccer Mommy and TOPS can be found at their websites.
Article by Riley Rose and photograph by Laura Andrews.