New music dominates the charts, Backseat Lovers ranks high

This week’s charts include “Samia,” “Backseat Lovers,” “Babe Rainbow,” & more!

New music dominates the charts, Backseat Lovers ranks high

Brighid Bandel, Music Director

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*=brand new to the charts this week!

1. *Backseat Lovers – Alt/Indie – (15 spins of “Growing/Dying” off of the 2022 album “Waiting to Spill” The Backseat Lovers are from Heber City Sandy, and Ogden Utah. The members include Jonas Swanson, Joshua Harmon, KJ Ward, Juice Welch. The band gained attention when their song “Kilby Girl” became popular.

“Growing/Dying” was the first single off their new album “Waiting to Spill.” According to the band in an interview with Melodic Magazine, “‘When We Were Friends’ was our first attempt at making an album, and it was essentially recording one song, selling some t-shirts at a show the next month, and being able to record another song. Upon finishing it, we were quickly filled with a strong desire to make something that really flowed together, with each song intentionally placed, creating a cohesion that spans the whole record. Overall though, ‘Waiting to Spill’ really feels like a continuation, the next chapter of our lives.”

2. *Babe Rainbow – Alt/Indie – (13 spins of “Open Up Your Heart” off of the 2022 album “The Organic Band”) Babe Rainbow is an Australian psychedelic rock band from Byron Bay, New South Wales. Members include Angus Dowling, Jack “Cool-Breeze” Crowther, Elliot “Dr. Love Wisdom” O’Reilly & Miles Myjavec. Their new album, “The Organic Band” is the group’s fifth album.

“Open Up Your Heart” is the eighth track on the album and talks about giving love a chance.

3. Kenny Beats – Hip Hop/Rap – (10 spins of “So They Say” off of the 2022 album “LOUIE”) Kenny Beats is a notorious producer in the music world who finally made his own album this year. According to GQ, “he’s an in-demand, cross-genre producer, a gifted multi-instrumentalist, and as of a few weeks ago, a critically-acclaimed solo artist with a debut album ‘LOUIE’ that’s a complex tribute to his father.”

“So They Say” is the fourth track off the debut album, and has a catchy beat talking about his father, Louie.

4. Indigo Sparke – Alt/Indie – (10 spins of “Golden Ribbons” off of the 2022 album “Hysteria”)  Indigo Sparke is an Australian based artist that “writes with a rare and reflective power, creating music that builds and bursts as she examines love, loss, grief, and a newly realized rage,” according to her Spotify. Born in Australia and now based in New York, Indigo established herself in the Sydney music scene with her 2016 EP “Night Bloom.” She has toured with Big Thief, had a song featured on the TV show Cloudy River, and performed across Australia and the U.S.

5. *JID ft. Johnta Austin – Hip Hop/Rap – (8 spins of “Better Days” off of the 2022 album “The Forever Story”) JID, a name adopted from what his grandmother called him as a jittery child, is making a name for himself in the rap scene. Growing up, JID’s first connection with music was through his parents’ collection of classic funk and soul LPs. In 2012, he dropped out of college to pursue music as a career. After working for 5 years and dropping projects, JID signed to J.Cole’s record label, which has boosted his career tremendously.

“Better Days” ft. Johnta Austin is the 14th track on the album and discusses how JID has seen some better days.

6. Odie Leigh – Folk – (7 spins of “A Month or Two” off of the 2022 EP “How Did it Seem to You?”) Odie Leigh is a folk singer and songwriter from South Louisiana. According to her website, “Odie Leigh’s songwriting reflects an earnest and fervent search for identity through the confusion of growing up culturally-adjacent in an area with so much history, tradition, and faults.”

“A Month or Two” is the first track off the debut EP, that describes waiting and healing over time.

7. The 1975 – Alt/Indie – (6 spins of “I’m In Love With You” off of the 2022 album “Being Funny in a Foreign Language”) The 1975 are a British band from Manchester, England consisting of four members – Ross MacDonald, Adam Hann, Matty Healy and George Daniel. The members of the band met during high school and started playing together in 2002. They went by an array of different names throughout their career, such as Drive Like I Do and Bigsleep, until settling on “The 1975.” The name, “The 1975,” was inspired by a Jack Kerouac poetry book that had “1 June, The 1975” written on the back. During the early days of the band, they would perform punk covers in local clubs until they started to write music themselves.

“I’m in Love With You” is a classic 1975 pop track about love.

8. Mia Gladstone – R&B – (5 spins of “WHEN I THINK TOO MUCH I GET SICK TO MY STOMACH” off of the 2022 album “LOOPY”)  Mia Gladstone “fearlessly challenges the norms of society, making music that is as empowering as it is relatable,” according to OutLoud Culture. Gladstone explains that, “ever since I can remember, music has been at the forefront of my daily life and it’s been my greatest joy. I’ve always loved listening to music, singing, writing, playing, and it was just like this natural evolution that my parents really empowered growing up.”

“WHEN I THINK TOO MUCH I GET STICK TO MY STOMACH,” is the ninth track off of the sophomore album, and describes remembering an old love – and how awful it was.

9. *Samia – Alt/Indie (4 spins of “Mad at Me” off of the 2022 single release “Mad at Me”) Samia is an alternative pop singer who has been making music since 2017 and has a new album, “Honey” coming out in early 2023. “Mad At Me” is the second single off the upcoming album, and discusses worries she has after a fight with a significant other. With not a lot of information on her, Samia keeps her mysterious identity to her music.


10. *SANTIGOLD – R&B – (3 spins of “My Horror” off of the 2022 album “Spirituals”) SANTIGOLD is a genre-defying musician, style renegade, and visionary artist across multiple platforms celebrated for her fearless ability to fuse unexpected elements into bold new work. She’s had a #1 record on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic chart, won an ASCAP Pop Music award (Vanguard Award), and has been nominated for a Q Award, MTV Europe Music Award, and BRIT Award.

“My Horror” is the first track off of “Spirituals,” and discusses going through dark times in life.

Top Adds from this Week:

  1. SUCKERPUNCH by Chloe Moriondo (Alt/Indie)
  2. Going Places by Abacus Rings (Rock)
  3. ONE by stargaze (Ballad)

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