DJ-athon is back for Fall 2022!


London Shell, Development Director

DJ-athon is back at KCSU!

This week is our station’s very own bi-annual fundraising event DJ-athon! This week, student volunteers and KCSU staff alike fill our studio from 7 a.m.-9 p.m. everyday from November 7-11, plus a 24-hour push on Friday. This week alone, we are asking listeners of the station to help give back and continue to aid us in putting crucial resources in the hands of students looking to further their own development in broadcast media and journalism.

KCSU brings a lot of content and information to tons of people across Northern Colorado, creating spaces to discuss a variety of topics from general news coverage to collegiate, and from professional sports to underrepresented local music and more.

Our mission and goal.

Our live DJ-based broadcast is a source of entertainment and information for many across the front range, with our signal reaching the communities of Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley. Listeners can tune in from around the globe using our website and app. KCSU’s mission is to continue to educate and provide opportunities and resources for students interested in communication, media and journalism, which we find very important!

KCSU is a pressure-free professional space where students can gain valuable skills in media and radio, whether it be DJing, podcasting, or making use of the tons of other applicable experience available in the administrative, business, engineering, or analytical fields of radio. That’s why all of us here at KCSU think college radio can be an invaluable resource for students everywhere trying to access professions in broadcast media and journalism.

Now help us educate the future of radio.

Where to find us and donate!

If you are considering supporting the future of KCSU, definitely look into giving what you can by checking out out our donation page calling in at (970)-538-5278, OR easily send us a venmo @kcsufm

What is Club 905?

Club 905 acts as a premium donor status for those who donate at least $90.50 per year (or enrolled in giving $7.50 monthly). With any payment of $90.50 or more, you will be eligible to receive a free KCSU t-shirt or mug plus a handwritten thank you card from a volunteer DJ or staff member.

Join Club 905 now to represent the station and get updates on how your help and support benefits the future of journalists! For more information about DJ-athon or Club 905, call 970-538-5278 or email