CSU reaches nitrous oxide gas, local drug bust

This episode from September 1 goes over CSU’s reach on Nitrous Oxide gas, updates on a local drug bust, and an interview with local band Holdfast. 

CSU reaches nitrous oxide gas, local drug bust

Kyra McKinley, Portia Cook, Recce Granger, News Directors

In this episode of Rocky Mountain Review, Kyra McKinley overviews Colorado State University’s reach on nitrous oxide gas. Portia Cook updates listeners on a local drug bust and the return of the local event Tour de Fat. Then, listeners hear about about climate change and social justice in an episode of Global Connections.

Listeners hear an interview with up-and-coming local band Holdfast. McKinley then goes over environmental and national news. Eliza Drotar overviews CSU sports including details on CSU women’s volleyball. To conclude today’s show, Cook reports on the weather in Fort Collins for the upcoming week.

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