We’re Back! Top 10 Songs from the first week of classes

This week’s charts include “A Fawn At Dawn,” “Steve Lacy,” “Caroline Loveglow,” and “CARRTOONS.”

Were Back! Top 10 Songs from the first week of classes

Music Directors

“KCSU’s Top 10 Songs Spinning This Week” is written by the KCSU Music Directors and describes the top artists that your local 90.5 FM DJs are playing this week! This article is updated weekly on Sundays and discussed on their show, “KCSU Weekly Gem Countdown,” which airs every Monday from 11-12 p.m. During the show, you can learn more about each musician or band before tuning in to the top 10 countdowns on Mondays, in which the music directors present to you the latest songs topping the charts and breaking down each song’s sound and feel.”

* = Brand new the charts


1. A Fawn At Dawn – Alt/Indie – (10 spins of “Take Me With You I’ll Never Get There on My Own” off of the 2022 album, “We Should Catch Up”)

At number one this week it is Quebec based band, A Fawn At Dawn! “Take Me With You I’ll Never Get There on My Own” is a one minute song that transports you outside fighting for the love of your life. We are excited to see them on the charts again!

2. Steve Lacy – R&B/Soul – (8 spins of “Bad Habit” off of the 2022 album, “Gemini Rights”)

Alternative R&B artist Steve Lacy is in a presumably small class of musicians who have co-produced a Grammy-nominated album while in high school. He first joined the band The Internet in 2014 as a guitarist. The artist from Compton California, who also created all his music on Garage Band, has won a multitude of awards and is now critically acclaimed.

“Bad Habit,” the lead single off his popular new album “Gemini Rights” tells a story many people can relate to. The song is about reflecting on an attraction to someone, and what it could have been if he had expressed how it felt to the person he is singing about.

3. A Fawn At Dawn – Alt/Indie – (7 spins of “The Answer” off of the 2022 album, “We Should Catch Up”)

A Fawn at Dawn originated in Quebec City, Canada, by singer, songwriter and guitar player David Lamothe in 2018. According to Spotify, the band released their first EP, “Belongings” in March 2018. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the band began to write their latest release “We Should Catch Up,” and according to Tiger Bomb Promo, it is “chock full of melodies, sometimes between a nursery rhyme and a pop anthem.” The band only has about fifty monthly listeners on Spotify, but we are excited to watch their career grow!

4.  *CARRTOONS – R&B/Soul – (6 spins of “Hollywood” off of the 2022 album, “HOMEGROWN”)

CARRTOONS, also knows as Ben Carr, is a “multi-instrumentalist and producer from New York whose music brings the electric bass to the forefront.” Over time, he has become a sought-after producer through his eye-catching visuals.


5. *Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Rock – (5 spins of “Microwave Dave” off of the 2022 album, “Night Gnomes”)

The short melodic song, Microwave Dave, may cause listeners to question, “who is Dave, and why can he hardly recognize himself at night?”



6. *Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Rock – (4 spins of “In, Dream Out” off of the 2022 album, “Night Gnomes”)

A mix of sprawling, exploratory, psychedelic pop, progressive rock, and heavy garage riffs, Australia’s Psychedelic Porn Crumpets emerged out of Perth’s indie underground scene. Formed in 2014, the band grew out of the solo endeavors of singer/guitarist Jack McEwan, and earned a devoted fan base through hard touring and releases. Working out of a horse barn in rural Leederville, McEwan, fellow guitarist Luke Parish, bassist Luke Reynolds, and drummer Danny Caddy pooled their collective consciousness in massive all-night jam sessions. “In, Dream Out” is an instrumental sound that transports you to a calmer place. The band now has over four-hundred-thousand listeners on Spotify

7. *Renata Zeiguer – Alt/Indie – (4 spins of “Sunset Boulevard” off of the 2022 album, “Picnic in the Dark”)

Brooklyn based artist, Renata Zeiguer creates a “sonic dreamworld infused with magical realism that tells an extremely personal narrative” in her album, according to Spotify. She explains that the album is integrating her child-self into her adult life with immense compassion and enlightenment. It is not only an album of exploration but one of transformation, healing and self-actualization, all told through a courageous journey towards that extremely uncomfortable yet fertile liminal space between familiarity and uncertainty.

“Sunset Boulevard” is shimmering but shadowy, channeling a certain era of haunting old theatrics as Zeiguer’s voice stays high and airy.

8.  *Victor Vernicos – Pop – (4 spins of “Fake Club” off of the 2022 single release, “Fake Club”)

The 15-year-old Danish/Greek songwriter is making his break in the music scene. “Fake Club” is characteristic of Victor’s songwriting that stems from his personal real life experiences and expresses emotions that many can associate with. “What is truly unique is his teenage spin and intense energy that flows unfiltered from his songwriting to his singing all the way to his on screen performance,” states Newswires. Victor is planning on releasing a number of singles in 2022 and is expected to release his first album before his 2023 Europe and United States tour.

9. *Caroline Loveglow – Pop – (4 spins of “Blue Arcade” off of the 2022 album, “Strawberry”)

Los Angeles-based songwriter and producer Caroline Loveglow creates an isolated alternative pop sound. “Sitting in front of her computer, she’d twist and contort familiar sounds—stretching a piano into an unearthly drone or swirling guitar parts through pillowy clouds of distortion and reverb,” according to Spotify. “Strawberry” is Loveglow’s debut album.

10. Dancing on Tables – Alt/Indie – (3 spins of “Twenty” off of the 2022 EP, “Play Play Play”)

The Scotland-based pop-indie-rock band consists of Robbie, Callum, Gregor, Hamish and Reece. According to Spotify, they all met in school and have grown “from playing friend’s parties and school halls, to supporting Catfish and the Bottlemen as part of their UK arena tour.” The band has over twenty-thousand listeners on Spotify and continue to grow their career to this day.