Infrastructure bill impacts locals, Jackson confirmation begins

This episode from March 22 goes over a local prostitution arrest, the impacts of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and more.

Infrastructure bill impacts locals, Jackson confirmation begins

Ellie Shannon, Kota Babcock, Portia Cook, News Directors

Kyra McKinley goes over Colorado State University campus news with information on how the Women and Gender Advocacy Center is supporting survivors. Then, Portia Cook covers local news including the arrest of a woman involved in a prostitution operation in Fort Collins.

Kota Babcock goes over new updates in COVID-19 pandemic statistics and policies. Then, he speaks to Loveland City Council Member John Fogle about the National League of Cities. Fogle discusses the NLC’s recent conference and how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will impact local residents.

After that, Babcock goes over information on several shootings that occurred this weekend. He explains how one Florida city is acting by enforcing a curfew and discouraging tourists. After that, KCSU sports goes over details on the free agency.

CTV reporters give a debrief on CSU women’s softball. To conclude today’s show, Babcock explains some updates on technology with information on Google’s settlement with six employees who accuse the company of interfering with employee organizing.

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