CSU women’s polo ends season riding high with dominant win

The CSU women’s polo team won a decisive victory against Montana State University at the home game Saturday March 26.


Jack Balsley, Assistant Sports Director

This past Saturday, March 26, the Colorado State University women’s polo team faced off against Montana State University at 11 a.m. in B.W. Pickett Arena for the final at-home intercollegiate tournament of the season.

The Rams won with ease, finishing with a final score of 19-3 after four chukkers (periods), with a strong offense and aggressive defense. The Rams showed great strength and maneuverability that translated into an extremely efficient offense.

What has set this squad apart is the excellence in all aspects of the team. Split into five levels, this team has had great success in demonstrating what it takes to play at peak performance. From the social level, those who help with horse care, to the varsity athletes, the community that has been built is nothing short of extraordinary.

This team has had its fair share of adversity. Anna Schwabe, the team’s graduating secretary, said, “We’re kind of building back from COVID. We haven’t been able to compete in intercollegiate tournaments, so we’re getting back into hosting and going to tournaments and getting our horses into top athletic shape for high-level competitions.”

Although they are rebuilding back to full strength, the Rams have proven their fortitude. Up next they will be hosting an alumnae tournament May 6 and 7 at B.W. Pickett Arena, so make sure you show your support!