Chelsea Cutler returns, several new artists emerge

This week’s top charts at KCSU include fika and Bambie, Juana N Joey, Ladyhawke, Neil Frances, Pixies and more.


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*= Brand new to the charts!

1. Chelsea Cutler — Pop — (8 spins of “Forever” off of the 2021 album release “When I Close My Eyes”)

“Forever” is the opening track of Chelsea Cutler’s newest album, “When I Close My Eyes.” Cutler is a 24-year-old, singer, songwriter and producer from Connecticut, making her mark in the pop world.

In this song, Cutler displays the feeling of falling in love and changing her mind when it comes to long-term relationships. Cutler also adds a voicemail from her girlfriend in the bridge, proving to the listeners that she was the muse for the chorus, “forever never sounded good before I met ya.”

2. BADBADNOTGOOD ft. Terrace Marten, Brandon Younger and Arthur Verocai — Jazz — (7 spins of “Talking Meaning” off of the 2021 album release “Talk Memory”)

BADBADNOTGOOD is a jazz ensemble created by Matthew Tavares and Alexander Sowinski. According to their Spotify, the “Toronto, Ontario-based jazz ensemble … (makes) expansive music that straddles the line between ’70s soul-jazz, alternative hip-hop and experimental electronica.” The Band initially gained traction by posting jazz covers of hip-hop tracks from Odd Future and MF Doom.

The group has had major success. It has recorded a live session with Tyler, The Creator, preformed at Gilles Peterson’s worldwide awards, was a backing band for Frank Ocean, and has done production work for Earl Sweatshirt, Danny Brown and JJ Doom. The band has over 3 million listeners on Spotify.

3. CMAT — Pop — (6 spins of “Lonely” off of the 2022 album release “If My Wife New I’d be Dead”)

CMAT, short for Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson is an Irish country/pop singer and songwriter. During an interview with NME magazine, CMAT explains her styles as “Dolly Parton meets Weird Al Yankovic, mixed with Katy Perry.” So accurate. NME goes on to explain that “her velvety vocals and earworming beats compliment Katy J Pearson’s ’70s-Americana bops, while her multifaceted lyricism mirrors that of country greats such as Patsy Cline and Skeeter Davis.”

“Lonely,” one of CMAT’s last singles before releasing her album “If My Wife New I’d Be Dead,” explores a feeling everyone can relate to — loneliness. CMAT explains, “I wrote this about a time when I was living in Manchester. I lived there for two years, and I think that was the peak of my problem-person period. … I would just stay in the Arndale Food Court and watch everyone just hanging out, being friends, having more money than me because I was really … broke, crying into my … Taco Bell Crunchwrap.”

4. *fika and Bambie — Alt/Indie — (6 spins of “How Can I Love? (When I Can’t Get Away From You) off of the 2021 album release “Coffee & Clouds EP”)

Fika is a London duo consisting of Sam & Al, who teamed up with Bambie to create this new EP. According to their Bandcamp, they are “described as combining the styles of Frank Ocean, John Mayer and Tom Misch. Fika are rapidly carving their own path within the UK R&B scene.”

5. Geoff Bradford — Alt/Indie — (5 spins of “Roger Did the Smart Thing” off of the 2021 album release “Seven Fat Years”)

According to his Spotify, Geoff Bradford “explores dissonant musical textures, a variety of song forms and lyrics reflecting on life” in his 2021 album, which also happens to be only his second EP.

His own experiences continue to heavily influence his lyrics and his life. Bradford is a talented vocalist, songwriter and bassist, and he utilizes all of those skills on his EP.

6. *Juna N Joey — Country — (5 spins of “Something Good To Miss” off of the 2021 single release “Something Good To Miss”) 

Juna N Joey are a bother/sister country pop duo from Florida. According to their Spotify, “the duo’s popularity exploded organically by posting covers on YouTube with over 7.8 million collective views and a few viral videos (on) TikTok of 8.6 million views.” At only 17 and 19, the duo has amassed over 14,000 listeners on Spotify.

According to Total Entertainment, “‘Something Good To Miss’ is the lead single off the duo’s self-titled EP, which will be released in early June. The upbeat, hopeful tune features an infectious melody, modern production that packs a punch and Juna N Joey’s signature rich harmonies.”

7. *Ladyhawke — Pop — (4 spins of  “Mixed Emotions” off of the 2021 album release “Time Flies”)

Ladyhawke made it twice on the charts this week! According to Genius, “the song is about all the things you can feel with one person, sometimes all in a single day. Ups and downs, confusion, highs and lows. And everything in between!”

8. *Ladyhawke — Pop — (4 spins of “My Love” off of the 2021 album release “Time Flies”)

According to her Spotify, Ladyhawke, also known as Phillippa “Pip” Brown, “crafts larger-than-life songs that made her one of the leading lights of the 1980s synth pop revival of the late 2000s and well into the 21st century.”

“My Love” is the opening track of Ladyhawke’s 2021 album, “Time Flies.”

9. *Neil Frances — Electronic — (3 spins of “every day with you.” off of the 2022 album release “There Is No Neil Frances”)

Neil Frances is an electronic pop duo consisting of Jordan Feller and Marc Gilfry that came together in 2016. Feller explains on their Spotify, “I was a producer first and musician/songwriter second, so I can often see when Marc’s head has exploded and then take that idea to the next step. The most fun stuff is when there are surprises and accidents. There’s a lot of benefit for both of us in that working relationship.”

“There Is No Neil Frances” is the duo’s debut album with 14 tracks included. According to Earmilk, the album’s “concept follows the dreams of an insect looking for its true purpose in a utopian dreamscape.” The duo currently has over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

10. *Pixies — Alt/Indie — (2 spins of “Cactus” off of the 1988 album “Surfer Rosa”)

Pixies is an American alternative band that consisted of Charles Michael Kitteridge Thompson IV, kJoey Santiago, Kim Deal and Dave Lovering. According to their  band profile on Britanica, they had a “unique blend of punk rock’s aggression and pop music’s infectious melodies (that) helped establish the sound that would define alternative rock in the 1990s.”

“Surfer Rosa” was their debut studio album and released in March of 1988. The album is in Spanish and English and references Puerto Rico. This album is often included on critics’ lists of the best rock albums of all time and even was an influence for Nirvana’s “Nevermind”. “Surfer Rosa” was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America in 2005.

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