ASCSU elections approaching; TikTok moderators file lawsuit

This episode from March 31 covers ASCSU elections, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination and TikTok moderators’ federal lawsuit.

ASCSU elections approaching; TikTok moderators file lawsuit

Ellie Shannon, Kota Babcock, Portia Cook, News Directors

Kyra McKinley goes over Colorado State University campus news with updates on Associate Students of CSU speaker elections. Then, Ellie Shannon covers local news with details on a Fort Collins City Council announcement which said they will be delaying their pick for city manager. Then, Kota Babcock goes over new updates in COVID-19 pandemic statistics and policies. Following that, listeners hear from ASCSU presidential candidate Rob Long and vice presidential candidate Elijah Sandoval about their campaign.

After that, Babcock goes over information on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination and path to Supreme Court confirmation. Then, Babcock speaks to Denver-based attorney Jack Luellen about his new true crime novel. After that, Eliza Drotar goes over details on CSU athletics. To conclude the show, Shannon explains updates in technology with information on TikTok moderators filing a federal lawsuit.

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