CSU takes the game from Moby Arena to the diamond

Karsyn Lane highlights the women’s basketball team 2021-2022 season and where it is as the women’s softball team makes an entrance.

CSU takes the game from Moby Arena to the diamond

Karsyn Lane, Sports Podcaster

In today’s episode, Karsyn Lane highlights the incredible season the women’s basketball team has accomplished so far in the 2021-2022 season and where they are as they enter the Mountain West Conference Tournament. As the team reaches the final stretch of their season, it’s time to welcome the women’s softball team as they take to the diamond. Finally, Lane leaves some tips on getting connected with the softball Rams as they take on the season.

Here’s the full transcript:

This is “Play Like a Girl,” a biweekly podcast about Colorado State University’s female athletes
and sports. This is Karsyn Lane, your host and current student-athlete here at Colorado State
coming to you from KCSU.

In each episode, I plan to talk about Colorado State’s female athletes and sports updates to
inspire us to stay updated, involved and passionate about supporting our female athletes.

Since we last met, the women’s basketball team has battled in Moby Arena. As of February 10,
the Rams have accomplished a 15-7 overall season, a 6-6 conference record and are ranked 7th in
the Mountain West Conference. Although Colorado State isn’t taking the lead in the Mountain
West, we have seen some advanced game execution throughout the season.

Rewind all the way back to January 9 when Colorado State University took on San Jose
State University. Only three games into the Mountain West Conference, the Rams managed to
take the win against the Spartans with a blowout win 90-64 right in Moby Arena. This was the
season’s largest lead win during conference play, beating the Spartans by 26 points.

Now as the season continues, there have been high levels of excitement and anticipation for the
Rams. Most recently, on February 9, Colorado State University battled Utah State University
in a nail-biter, down to the last seconds of the matchup. The Rams ultimately brought another win
to Moby Arena, winning 86-83.

This win wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of graduate student and guard Upe
Atosu. In the last five seconds of the game, Atosu found herself at the free-throw
line, only inches away from securing the win. Without a doubt, Atosu pulled through, making
two successful free throws, bringing home the win for Colorado State.

Reflecting on their most recent game, the Rams are going to have to bring more to Moby
Arena on February 17, for the first border war battle of the season against the University of
Wyoming. The Border War is an important game for the Rams because Wyoming is
currently ranked 4th in the Mountain West Conference.

Winning this border battle will hopefully bring Colorado State’s rankings up and set the team
up for the upcoming Mountain West Conference Championships. The tournament will
begin on March 6 through 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Thomas & Mack Center.
The Border War and Mountain West Tournament will be broadcast on the Mountain West

Now shifting our focus from the court to the diamond, the Colorado State women’s softball
team is back in season! The team’s first debut of the 2022 season will take place in Fullerton,
California, in the Easton Classic Tournament. The tournament will take place from February
11 to 13.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only road tournament the Rams will have this season. After the
Easton Classic tournament, they head to Denton, Texas, for the Tracy Beard Classic
Tournament from February 18 to 20. Following that, the Rams will hit the road again for
Phoenix, Arizona, for the Lopes Up Classic from February 25 to27.

The first at-home debut for Ram’s softball team will be right here in Fort Collins, Colorado, on
March 4, as we host the Colorado Classic. This tournament will take place from March
4 to 6.

You can stay up to date on Colorado State’s softball season by following along on the team’s
social media. Their Instagram is @csusoftball, and their Twitter is @CSUSoftball.
As for today’s episode, that’s it Ramily! Thank you for listening. I’m Karsyn Lane, your host, and this is “Play Like a Girl.” Until next time!