Mary Ontiveros, first diversity VP dies; UWC hosts Hair Show

This episode from February 22 goes over the first diversity VP at CSU’s death, UWC at CSU hosting a Hair Show and details on the Ahmaud Arbery trial.

Woman with half-down bantu knots stands on a stage

Ellie Shannon, Kota Babcock, Portia Cook, News Directors

Ellie Shannon goes over Colorado State University campus news with new details on the Associated Students of CSU’s speaker of the senate, Kyle Hill’s, resignation. Shannon speaks about the death of CSU’s first vice president for diversity, Mary Ontiveros. Shannon then talks about an arrest made in connection to the 2021 killing of Danielle Hopton. Kota Babcock goes over new updates in COVID-19 pandemic statistics and policies. Listeners hear about the Hair Show hosted by the Black/African American Cultural Center and United Women of Color at CSU.

After that, Babcock goes over details in the trial of Ahmaud Arbery. Babcock then explains why the U.S. Census Bureau may be getting new regulations. Listeners hear about the recent Houndmouth and Buffalo Nickels concert from KCSU music director Brighid Bandel. To conclude the show, Babcock explains some updates in technology with information on Instagram time limit options and Apple AirTags.

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