El Centro hires new SSC, Tinder Live comes to Fort Collins

This episode from February 1 goes over staff changes at El Centro, a Tinder Live event and updates in Poudre School District.

El Centro hires new SSC, Tinder Live comes to Fort Collins

Ellie Shannon, Kota Babcock, and Portia Cook

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Ellie Shannon goes over details on the addition of a new El Centro staff member. Shannon then explains how Poudre School District plans to prioritize mental health and wellbeing for students and staff. Kota Babcock goes over new updates in COVID-19 pandemic statistics and policies. Then, listeners hear from comedian and author Lane Moore about Tinder Live and her upcoming Valentine’s Day show.

After that, Babcock explains how the National Archives released former president Donald Trump’s White House documents that were formerly taped together to a Congressional Committee. Then, listeners hear from Anton Schindler about a recent decision regarding the MLB Hall of Fame induction. Later on, Eliza Drotar gives an overview on Colorado State University athletics. Lastly, Babcock explains updates in technology with information on Spotify’s new content warning for COVID-19.

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