DIY community meets the professional world with Miles Stevenson

Dillon King sits down with Miles Stevenson, the guitar player for Fort Collins band Hospital Socks, to talk about the DIY scene.


Marie Tanksley, Podcast Director


In this week’s KCSU Live In-Studio podcast, local music director Dillon King sits down with Miles Stevenson. Stevenson is the guitar player of up-and-coming local Fort Collins band Hospital Socks, and the two sat down to talk about the DIY community and what makes it so special.

You may have heard of Stevenson’s dad, Bill Stevenson. King sat down with Miles Stevenson to talk about his interesting position in Fort Collins’ own local DIY scene along with his personal connection with the professional world. They talked about many of the local bands they’ve grown to love and the extremely supportive community that surrounds them.

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