David Miner brings historical fiction to ‘Live In-Studio’

David Miner brings historical fiction to Live In-Studio

Dillon King, Local Music Director

In this episode of “KCSU Live In-Studio,” KCSU’s local music director interviews David Miner about his music and inspirations.

More information:
David Miner is a communications major at Colorado State University. Before moving to Colorado, he grew up in the Seattle, Washington, area, only playing with his Marshall Stack in his basement. Now you can find him playing shows up and down the Front Range along with his band.

His first album was inspired by historical fiction. He sings about this in his song “Virginia Dale,” which tells of the best stagecoach hand until his own self-destruction led to his demise.

Another song based on history is called “Silver Valley,” which is the title track and name of his first album, and “Telling Me” is about a character whose self-inflicted struggle was in order to provide for his family.

Recently Miner’s inspiration for writing songs has changed. During the interview, he tells KCSU’s Dillon King how he prepared to record 10 songs that he called the headlines of his life.

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