The beauty of CSU: The best fall photo-ops on campus


Thomas Taylor

Colorado State University is a beautiful campus and quite large, so a question I hear a lot is, “What are the best places for photography, and when is the best time to do it?”

There are a few spots that are very much associated with photography on campus. The Oval looking through the trees to the Administration building is one popular spot, and the trees between the Clark Building and Morgen Library are another great option. Below are some sample pictures I took during the fall season as the leaves changed. The Rec Center and the Intramural Fields provide more photo opportunities. All of these are good pictures for social media or just to share with friends and family.

Here are DJ Hurricane’s tips and tricks for good scenery.

Walking toward the Administration Building is best for a picture to celebrate attending CSU, and when leaving as a graduate, walking away looks best.

Set up on the sidewalk just inside from the street, facing the admin building on the north side of The Oval. Including the trees in the walkway between Clark and Morgen allows more of the Library in your shot than the Clark building, as Clark isn’t as pleasing to the eye.

For the Rec Center, get the glass section on the southeast corner with the rock-climbing wall inside, as it is easy to identify as the Rec Center. The section with the pool and sand volleyball pits is another great option.

For the Intermural Fields, it is best to face west to Horse Tooth Reservoir with Moby Arena in the shot to get the CSU logo to show off your school pride. The best time for this shot is at night.

A late night walk took me by The Oval October 21, and I saw the perfect chance to get not one but two pictures of The Oval at night. Thomas Taylor | KCSU
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